5 Pokemon Go Tips That I Learned From My Teenager

There’s no doubt that Pokemon Go is a huge success. Heck, Nintendo’s stock price has increased over 30% since the game’s release. If you’re like me, you didn’t start the game on day one like so many others. Now you’re left scrambling to make sense of it all and trying to catch up. I felt the same way, I wanted to get going in Pokemon Go as quickly as possible. So I turned to the best gamer I know. My teenage son.

If there’s a game on the market, he knows about it. And I guarantee he’s watched hours of video on how to level up quickly (wish I could get that level of commitment to his school work – just sayin). So if you’re looking to level up your Pokemon Go trainer as quickly as possible – use these 5 tips my teenager suggested to me.

Pay Attention To the Silhouettes

A silhouette means there is a Pokemon nearby that you haven’t collected yet. At this point, you’ll need to hunt around your current area to find the little guy.

As you’re wandering around, if the number of footprints under the silhouette increases, you’re getting farther away. Think of it like the old school Getting Warmer/ Getting Colder game. The closer you get to the Pokemon the fewer tracks you’ll see under the silhouette.

Pokemon Go 4

It’s not uncommon to see a number of silhouettes around. If you have time, collect them all. You’ll level up your Trainer much quicker if you do. See tip #4 on the quickest way to level up your trainer quickly.

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Visit Pokestops

A Pokestop is associated with a real life landmark. And there have been reports of people stopping by the Holocaust museum and 9/11 memorial because they’re landmarks and therefore flagged as a Pokestops. Please be respectful and realize that some places are not appropriate for playing Pokemon Go.

PokeStop 1

Caption: Coming up on a Pokestop

Other than that, think of Pokestops as storehouses where you can collect Pokemon Go supplies. Things like:

  • Pokeballs
  • Potions
  • Revives
  • Eggs

You can also activate lure modules when you’re at a Pokestop. A lure is used to attract Pokemon to a Pokestop. However, a lure will remain at the location even if you leave. A lure last 30 minutes.

Pokestop 2

NOTE: Incense attracts Pokemon similar to a lure – the difference is Incense is attached to you and will follow you around. A lure is attached to a location and will stay there for 30 minutes even if you leave.

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Hatch Eggs by Walking Around

If you’re lucky enough to collect an Egg from a Pokestop, you’ll need to get up from your desk or couch and walk around to hatch the egg.

First, you have to put the Egg in an Incubator. The egg is not automatically placed in an incubator. Once you’re incubating the egg, you have to walk around to activate it and eventually hatch the egg.

Pokemon Go Incubator

NOTE: Driving around does not count. You have to actually walk (or run) around to get the egg to hatch.

If you can, collect a number of eggs place them in incubators and then go for a morning or afternoon walk. This way you can “activate” and hatch a bunch of baby pokemon at the same time. Maybe you’ll end up with a litter of Growlithe – how awesome would that be.

The distance you have to walk to hatch an egg is listed under the egg. But distances vary from 1.24 miles (2 km) up to as many as 6 miles (10 km).

Pokemon Go 3

Now you see why I recommend you gather a bunch of eggs and then hit the road.

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Level Up By Collecting Everything

You may be tempted to ignore the lower level Pokemon that you’ve already collected such as Caterpies, Pidgeys, and Weedles.

As you collect these weak little guys, you’ll also be collecting Candy. You need Candy to grow you Pokemon. Yup, the same game that encourages you to get off the couch and walk, uses Candy to strengthen and mature AKA “Evolve” the Pokemon you’ve collected.

BTW, it takes 12 Candy to Evolve each of these Pokemon. So you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of each type saved up.

Also, each Pokemon will only Evolve using their Candy. You can’t feed Pidgeys candy to a Caterpie. It won’t work.

DOUBLE XP: When you reach level 9 you’ll receive a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg doubles your XP for 30 minutes. So if you’ve been collecting a bunch of those weak little guys as we suggested earlier. Now’s the time to Evolve them. You can tell a Lucky Egg from Pokemon eggs because the Lucky Egg looks like a rock. It doesn’t look like anything that will hatch.

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg

Use your Lucky Egg and then start Evolving your Caterpies to Metapods, your Pidgeys to Pidgeottos, and your Weedles to Kakuna.

You trainer gains more experience points the higher you Evolve your Pokemon. So if you can Evolve them 2 levels, your Trainer will grow too.

 NOTE: Both Caterpies and Weedles can Evolve starting at level 7. Pidgeys cannot Evolve until they reach level 18. But this BONUS TIP was all about leveling your Trainer as quickly as possible.

You can’t catch the more powerful and rare Pokemon until your trainer has the skills to capture them.

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Real Habitats = Rare Pokemon

Everyone wants to find a rare Pokemon so they can brag about what a great collector they are. Turns out you’re much more likely to find a rare Pokemon if you visit environments in real life where they might actually hang out.

NOTE: Use tip #4 to level up your Trainer so you can capture a rare Pokemon when you come across it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to climb a volcano to find a Fire style Pokemon but they will be more common in warmer climate. Works great for me, here in the American Southwest (today will be 112 degrees)

Water type pokemon would hang out near bodies of water i.e. Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, and Oceans. Grass and Bug Type pokemon will most likely be found in parks or large fields or the grasslands

Pokemon Go 5

And if you’re looking to catch an Electric type Pokemon like Pikachu, then you’ll need to head to “Industrial” areas. Places like industrial parks or a school campus. Places largely covered in concrete.

So there you have it, 5 tips I got from my teenage son to help me level up my trainer as quickly as possible. What are you favorite tips? How are you going about leveling up your trainer as quickly as possible? Let me know in the comments below.

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