5 Things to Look Into When Finding The Right Drone

Simply put, a drone is a robot that can fly. Before, only the military or the super-rich have access to this machinery. But advancements in technology have made the drone available to even middle-income families. It is available in a lot of brands and with different features.

It seems like kids and adults alike all want a drone. So before you get your first flying robot, here are five things you should look into when finding the right drone.

Flying Time

The first thing that you have to consider when searching for a drone is its flight time. This is the amount of time the drone can stay up in the air in one charging. Flight time is very important especially for where you might use it.

If you plan to use it on adventures, like mountain climbing or rappelling, then a drone that lasts for 30 minutes is probably not the right one for you. Although you can circumvent this by changing the batteries every so often. If you plan to use it to record fireworks or short parades, then drones with a battery span of 15 minutes might do. You have to consider also that drones in an affordable price range have an average flight time of 10-20 minutes.

There are a lot of factors that might affect the flight time of a drone. It includes:

  • Battery size
  • Weight of drone
  • Flying maneuvers it can do
  • Speed control
  • Camera
  • Weather

You can check this small quadcopter reviews to know the battery size and flight times of the best drones.

finding the right drone


Most modern drones are controlled through your iOS or Android phones. There are others that come with their own controllers, but for the most part, using your mobile phones through Wi-Fi is how drones are controlled. Just make sure that you have the right smartphone for controlling drones.

On the one hand, using your mobile phones as controllers might be the easy way to do things, but investing on a good controller is a better option if you plan to make your drone flying a hobby. This is because the transmitter in the controller can be transferred or upgraded to another controller once your old one is outdated.

Smartphones as controllers, on the other hand, easily get outdated and you would need to get a newer one if you want to keep using it as your controller.

When looking through the controllers, it should show real-time diagnostics. This is so you know what is happening to your drone. Some of the real-time diagnostics include:

  • Throttle
  • Height
  • Speed
  • Position

GPS Capabilities

GPS capabilities will give your drones extra-special abilities. This will allow your drone to go to specific places by inputting coordinates into the controller. In addition, your drone will never get lost because you can also input where you are as the ‘Return Home’ option for your drone.

This is one neat feature that not all drones have. This is not necessary when your drone is always in your sight. Similarly, you could check these tracking apps to know if they are applicable with your drone.

Level of Skills

This talks about your skill as a flyer and not the skills of the drone. Your level of skills is important when you plan to buy a drone. This is because you shouldn’t buy a drone that is beyond your skill set.

If you are a beginner, then buy one that is suited for beginners. Then you can slowly build your way up and change to more advanced drones when you already know what you are doing.

Included in the level of skills is the readiness of your drone to fly. Drones are categorized into three when it comes to their readiness to fly.

  • Ready to Fly – These are drones that are ready to fly when you buy them. They don’t require any assembly. This is best for beginners since there are no special set up needed yet.
  • Bind and fly – These are drones that are completely done already but they don’t come with a controller. You’ll have to find a compatible controller. This type is best for intermediate users since they should already have an idea on what controllers are needed.
  • Almost ready to fly – This type would be best for advanced users since there is a lot of assembly needed to make the drone fly. With this setup, some parts might also not be included in the package and you would have to buy them separately.


Most drones already come with a camera. What you want to check are the specifications of the camera attached. If quality and resolution of the picture is important to you, then get a drone with a high-resolution camera. You could also consider the first person viewing ability of the camera.

Now that you know the five things to look into when finding the right drones, you can go ahead and do a research before buying your first drone.

Author Bio: Jimmy is the handy guy who enjoys exploring different tools around the house. He blogs at Air Tool Guy to share his knowledge and review different tools for your choice.

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