7 Solid Tips on How to Become a Master Gamer

What is a master gamer and how does one go from casual to the status of a legend? If you’re looking to not just improve your skills but to acquire godlike abilities in gaming, this article provides practical, no-BS tips to help you #GitGud.

When people mention being a master gamer, they usually mean either of two things.

One: you have learned a single game, understood all its rules to the bottom, and have mastered all the skills necessary to fully experience all there is about the game.

Two: You have acquired so much experience and skills from different modes of playing that you are able to see patterns across different games and apply learned techniques to new environments, decoding the dynamics of the game fast.

A lot of gamers aspire to be one or both. The question is, how?

A Good Gaming Equipment Helps

A lot of people may say that having the latest gaming gear does not magically transform your skills to pro and there’s a lot of truth to that. But having a good gaming pc or console definitely does make a difference when it comes to choosing a number of games to practice with or refining your motor skills. Not to mention that a good setup can really impact the quality of experience acquirable from a game.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Nobody gets good overnight. A lot of good gamers especially those in competitive eSports, spend plenty of their waking hours laboring over a strategy and trying different permutations of a move in order to achieve the optimum results. That translates to hours and hours of practice, which is often the only salient difference that separates a pro gamer from a casual gamer.

If you want to be a gaming legend, be prepared to work for it.

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Learn from the Legends

An easy way to harvest great gaming techniques and to keep informed about the latest in your favorite games is to stream the pros. Follow the best pro gamers in various streaming platforms and keep posted for their latest content.

Watching the pro gamers play is not only informative but also a lot more entertaining. After all, streaming sites are popular for a reason.

Another great resource for gaming tips, though not as exciting, are blogs.

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Analyze What You Do Wrong

Plenty of gaming advice tell you to play constantly. But very few actually tell you how. It’s true, constant playing can help you gain experience but if you actively play a game with the goal of improving, that’s when you actually gain more insights about your play style and determine which areas in improvement so you get better results next time. This way, you will be able to strengthen your weak points the more you play.

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Practice Team Communication

If you’re looking to break into the world of competitive eSports, especially team eSports, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with the often complicated labyrinth of team collaboration. It’s certainly not as easy as it sounds because competitive gaming demands every individual to play their part and failure to do so results in desynchronized strategy and bad gameplay.

So if you want to be a pro gamer in sports like DOTA 2, Starcraft, and CSGO, team learning 101 is a must.

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Play at Adequate Intervals

A 2017 study aimed at determining what kinds of practice help people acquire skills the best looked into different groups of gamers and found out that playing the most matches per week is not the secret to improving skills most efficiently. Instead, properly spacing out your gaming activity is the best way to hustle. This means leaving an adequate interval between gaming sessions (1-2 days) and not playing too intensively.

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Play with Good Gamers

Thinking you’re the toughest guy in the block doesn’t go far. You have to actively test your skills otherwise you’ll either get stuck or eventually get bored with the game. The best way to make sure you’re constantly challenged is to play with gamers that are within your level.

This way, you can continuously test new knowledge and learn from other great players. Seek out friendly competition and challenges in gaming forums for a start.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to be a master gamer, the best way to get there is to make sure you actually enjoy it. If you like what you’re doing, you become more open to communication and are more flexible with learning from your errors. It’s also easier to get hyper efficient at something that you actively participate in which means that you’re not only in it for the sake of mindlessly spending your spare time but actually constructively learning from a game as an experience.

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