A Quick Guide to Buying the Right Cookware Set

If you have just moved to your own independent space where you will be heading the kitchen, or if you have just discovered your newfound love for culinary arts, you will be surprised how important it is to have the right kind of tools, especially cookware. Generally, when people start to learn about cooking and culinary, their entire focus is on mastering the recipes and cuisines. What many people ignore is the fact that how important it is to have the right tools to get your food preparation process right. For example, you need the right kind of knives for different ingredients such as meat, fruits, and vegetables and for different cuts such as Julian, chopped, slice, etc. Similarly, it is important to have the right kind of cookware.

There are various different types of cookware that are available in the market today and the reason is not merely to offer you different design options. In fact, every type of cookware has its own set of utilities. If you are new to cookware shopping, this quick guide will help you make the right choices.


Heat Conduction

Any cooking expert will tell you how important heat conduction is to ensure that your food is cooked well and evenly. This is especially a huge hassle when preparing food in large quantities. Cookware is made using a different type of metals. Many modern consumers prefer stainless steel cooking ware because of their easy maintenance. However, any veteran cook will tell you copper cookware is the best bet if you wish to cook in large quantities since copper has the best heat conduction and it will ensure that the heat will be evenly distributed through your food. Moreover, it will take less time to heat. You can browse through reviews of best copper cookware available in the market to help make your pick.

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Like everything else, cookware has its own life too, which varies according to the metal and materials used in the cookware. Generally, non-sticks have the shortest lifespan of all and if you are a non-stick loyalist, make sure you replace your pots and pans as soon as you find the non-stick layer peeling off. Stainless Steel is known to have the longest life amongst all the counterparts.

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Cookware needs proper maintenance not only to ensure that it lasts you longer but also to ensure your health and hygiene. There is a different set of protocols to be followed when washing, cleaning and storing different cookware, and some of them need more maintenance than others. Some cookware is not dishwasher friendly so if you are not someone who would want to do the dishes manually, avoid non-dishwasher friendly cookware. Generally, stainless steel is the easiest maintenance option, which is why many people prefer it.

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Even food ingredients have certain chemicals such as citric acid, Acetic acid, etc. Although these substances are organic and harmless when consumed as food ingredients, certain metals may have reactivity to some substances especially acids. For example, aluminum is known to react to tomatoes when it comes in contact with it, which is why aluminum is usually never used for tomato based recipes.

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