How to Change the Avatar of Your Pokemon Go Trainer

Ever since the launch, the Pokemon Go game has created a buzz all around the world. Whether you’re checking your social sites or you’re just roaming around the streets, you’ll find people talking about this cool new game that has been derived from the original Pokemon cartoon series.

If you’ve installed the game on your phone, you know what all you can do with it. From catching Pokemon and going to the gym while actually running in the streets of your city, it’s all fun. In the game, you’re given the role of a Pokemon trainer and as the name implies you have to train the Pokemon so that their hidden potential can come out to the world.

When you first start your game, you can customize the avatar of your trainer so that he or she looks exactly the way you want. That way you can make the trainer truly yours by giving him all kind of appearance tweaks you want. At any point of the game, if you’d like to change the avatar of the trainer, then you can do so right from the game as shown below.

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Changing the Avatar of Your Pokemon Go Trainer

1. Tap on the Pokemon Go icon on the home screen of your phone to launch the game.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

2. When the game launches, tap on the trainer icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and that should open the settings for the trainer.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

3. When the trainer panel launches, tap on the Three-horizontal lines in the lower-right corner as shown in the following screenshot. It will open a menu for you.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

4. You should see a menu appearing on your screen. From this menu, you need to tap on the option that says Customize as that is what allows you to customize your avatar in the game.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

5. Here comes the screen where you can actually customize the avatar. You will see a long list of things you can apply to your avatar so that it looks as handsome or beautiful as you want it to.

The available customization options include skin color, hair color, eyes color, hat type, t-shirt type, trouser type, shoe type, bag type, and the gender of the avatar (male or female).

Tap on any customization option and you should see the available variations for it in the bottom. Then, you need to tap the arrow icons to switch to a new variation. Keep doing so until you’re satisfied with the avatar.

Once you’re done customizing the Pokemon Go avatar, tap on the checkmark button in the lower-right corner to save the settings.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

6. You will be prompted if you’re all set. Tap on Yes and it should let you move forward.

Avatar of Your Pokemon Go

There you go, you’ve successfully customized your avatar in the Pokemon Go and you should now see your custom avatar when you play the game. The old avatar is gone.

So, that’s how you can change the player of one of the popular games on the earth with just a few quick steps. Do let us know how your avatar looks like in the game!


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