Torrents provide an excellent way to download stuff from the internet. You can download movies, games, software, documentaries and books for free using torrents. Almost every useful resource is available for download in the torrent world. The best part about torrents is that they provide you a flexible download dynamics. That means you don’t need a one-time direct download. You can pause, delay and manage your download with the torrents. You also can download movies and software comprising of GBs of data using torrents. The only thing is that you should know how to download torrents to your computer or mobile.

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How to Download Torrent Files on Your Computer

The first thing you should have on your computer if you want to download torrents is the torrent download client software. This is the software which manages and unlocks the torrent files.

The best download software available for free, according to my research and experience, uTorrent and BitTorrent. Both are extremely popular and widely used by millions of people around the world. You need to download any one of them or some other torrent software on your computer. This is the first step which is indispensable.

The next part is to download the torrent file. You can search any popular torrents website to search the torrent file of the movie, software, game or book. For example, I use the great torrent search website Torrentz to search the torrent. This site curates all the best available torrents from all the torrents sites at once place. This enables me to choose and download the best available torrents.

You might be wondering what the “best” torrent file is. Well, torrents work on a peer to peer basis. That means the more the people using a piece of software or file, the better it is. This is identified by “Seeds,” “Peers” and “Leeches.” You should look out for the greatest number of seeds. If a torrent has more seeds or peers, it would increase the speed of download.

Let’s say I search the torrent for the name of movie, I will just type the name of the film in the search bar and hit Enter.

download torrent files

From the results, look for the “Peers.” The top results always have the most peers. But I will not select the first one as it is for the movie version of French. I will choose the second torrent.

download torrent files

Just click the file. Now you will see the list of options. This shows the sources from where the torrent file is available. I prefer torrents from “Torrent Hound,” “Kat” and “Mono Nova” torrents.

download torrent files

Click the Download Torrent button.

how to download torrent 4

A file will be downloaded. This is the torrent file. Its size is in new kilobytes. Go to the file, double-click it and it will be opened in uTorrent or the torrent software which you downloaded on your computer.

how to download torrent 5

Approve the download process, and the download will get started.

how to download torrent 6

How to Download Torrents in Android

If you want to download torrents on your Android, I would recommend the Vuze app. Just install the app for free.

how to download torrent 7

Launch the app and use the search option. This option lets you download any torrent file from the internet. After downloading the file, tap the + button to add the torrent file in the Vuze Downloader. Follow the on-screen instructions and the download will start.

This was how to download torrents in PC or Android device. In case you have further queries or feedback, comment on this post and we will be happy to respond.

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