How to Recover Deleted Call History from iPhone without Backup File
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How to Recover Deleted Call History from iPhone without Backup File

As we all know that iPhone only keeps 100 calls history for you. If you have a new call history, it will automatically delete the last record in the call history tab. It is OK for normal users, but if you are a business man or telemarketer who makes dozens of phone call every single day, you will have trouble sometimes with your iPhone.

If your client called you with a new phone number and you just didn’t have time to add it to your contact on your iPhone, when you have time, you can’t find the call history. Or you may accidentally deleted some call history on your iPhone, but realize they are important to you. You need to get back the call history. In this article, I will show you how to recover deleted call history from iPhone without backup file.

You want to use iPhone Data Recovery software to help you. It can scan your iPhone and find the deleted or lost call logs for you easily. You can recover the call history to your computer. This recovery software can also recover deleted text messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, voice memos, Whatsapp messages and other data from your iPhone directly without backup file.

Please install it on your computer and follow this article to get back the deleted call history.

Step 1: Connect and Load Your iPhone


Run this recovery software on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable. The software will detect the connection and load your iPhone to its interface. You can see the basic information on the interface.

Step 2. Scan Your iPhone to Find the Deleted Call History


Click on “Scan” button on the interface; the software will scan your iPhone deeply to find all the deleted data on your iPhone. After scanning, it will list all the deleted data, including call history, messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, etc. on the interface. You can select and preview the deleted call history and other data you want to recover before recovering them.

Step 3. Recover Deleted Call History from iPhone

Once the software finishes scanning, you will find a data menu on the left side of the interface. Click “Call History” and enter it, you will see all the call history on your iPhone. The deleted call history will be in red. You can find them easily.

Now you just need to select all the call history you want to get back and click “Recover” button. All the selected call history will be recovered and saved to your computer easily. The software will open the folder on your computer where saves you recovered call history. You can check the call history quickly.


Now, you successfully recover the deleted call history on iPhone. This iPhone Data Recovery can also scan your iPhone backup file and extract call history, photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, reminders, calendars and other data in your backup files. If you don’t want to restore your iPhone with the backup file, you can also use this method to recover deleted call history and other files for your iPhone.

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