If you are movie lover or addicted to watching videos, you’d know what it is to have videos on your phone all the time. Whether you want to watch videos offline or share them with your friends, you need to have them saved in your phone. As the smartphones become more and more trendy, they play a role of entertainment gadgets. Hence, easy video downloading has become a need for the users. If you own an iPhone, here are three different methods you can opt to download YouTube videos to iPhone, iPad, so you can watch them whenever you want.

How To Download YouTube Videos to iPhone For Offline Use

1. Online Downloading Services

This procedure is the standard method and quite easy too. In order to follow this method, you need an online file service for converting files. There are many of these software available over the internet. You can search for them and choose what looks like the best one to you. They help you download movies or videos from YouTube and convert them into a file format that is compatible with your iPhone.

Many of these tools are extremely easy to use and help you convert videos in no time. For example, using www.zamzar.com. You just have to enter the URL of the video and choose the format you want the video to be converted into. Next, it asks you to enter your email address.

Once you’ve entered your email address, just click ‘Convert’ and that is it! You will get an email that contains the link from where you can download the converted video.

download YouTube videos to iPhone

Download the converted video and transfer it to your phone. Other online services follow the same pattern more or less. The only requirements is an internet connection. You can use this method no matter which OS your computer contains.

2. Using Third-party File Manager

Some people do not prefer this long method and want to follow it entirely on their phones – this can be done as well. Use your browser to access any of these online services and save the videos directly to your phone. Once you have the link of the video, you will need a third-party file manager to download the videos to your iPhone.

Safari doesn’t allow you to download the videos from other websites. One good example is the File Master which is absolutely free of cost and allows you to download videos from different websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Vevo. Here’s how you can download the videos using File Master on your iPhone.

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Download and install the File Master app from the iTunes Store, click here to get the latest version of the application.

download video youtube

After installation, open the application and click on the Web browser.

download YouTube videos to iPhone

Now, go to the YouTube and search for the video that you want to download. On the top bar, click on the link and copy the link of that particular video.

download YouTube videos to iPhone

After copying the link, Go to the www.keepvid.com in the same browser and you will see a new search bar opened.

download video youtube

Paste the recently copied link and tap on Download button.

download YouTube videos to iPhone

Now, it will show you all the formats and quality for that particular video. Select the appropriate video and click on Download button.

download video youtube

A new dialogue will be opened asking you to open or download the video on your iPhone.

download YouTube videos to iPhone

On the next screen, write down the name of the video and hit the Confirm button.

download video youtube

It will start downloading the video which may take some time depending upon your video.

download video youtube

Once the downloading is finished, go to the Downloads folder, and here you will find your video. Click on the video to watch it in the offline mode. That’s it! You can download as many videos as you want.

download video youtube


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