How to Set Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10 (5 Easy Ways)

Resulting from some troubles appearing when using the Internet or transferring data, Shutdown timer is created and becomes a very helpful tool to turn off your computer without direct action of users.

Shutdown timer can be a command, a setting option or a dedicated application which is downloaded and set for your computer in case you are not good at information technology. Whatever it is, this tool is used for turning off your computer automatically after a certain time and plays a role to make your work on PC more convenient.

In this article, let’s find out 5 ways to open the shutdown timer Windows 10 of your computer and gain benefits from this useful tool.

What is the Shutdown Timer Windows 10?

In fact, there are many tasks which take too much time to complete, such as downloading and transferring data. This speed is up to many factors but in general, it’s uncomfortable to wait until these tasks finish to shut down the computer.

Instead of having to take a look at this download or transferring process and losing your time, you can calculate the time of these processes and use the shutdown timer. It’s also an effective way to prevent your computer from being damaged after hours of working in case you forget to turn off it.

Although Shutdown timer is very convenient, not all the users know about it. In short, Shutdown timer is a tool which automatically turns off your computer after a certain time you set. In Windows 10, there are two main ways to set shutdown timer: using certain commands in Windows and making use of a dedicated software to schedule a shutdown.

Setting Shutdown timer Windows 10 with 5 ways

Here are 5 simple ways to set shutdown timer Windows 10 on your computer. Let’s try.

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Use Run box

Run box is very familiar to most specialized users because it’s the start of many tasks and helps your work be faster. But with common users, it may take a bit of time to use this tool because it requires some certain commands.

The simplest way to open the Run box is press Window + R. A dialog box will appear and you need to type “shutdown -s -t 3600”, then click OK. It means your computer will automatically turn off after 1 hours.

You can change “3600” with “7200”, 2 hours or “14400”, 4 hours and more with the same principal.

To cancel this command, you can open Run box and text “shutdown -a”.

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Use a shortcut to set a shutdown timer

If you don’t want to memorize any commands and need to use this tool many times, creating a shortcut is a good idea.

At the Desktop, right-click at any empty area to let a small box appear. It includes many options. You just need to move the mouse to New and then click Shortcut.

There will be a box with a question “What item would you like to create a shortcut for?”.

Type “C:\\Windows\System32\Shutdown.exe” as the answer.

Click Next, Windows will ask you one more question about the name of this shortcut, text anything you like to answer, then click Finish.

At the Desktop, there is a new shortcut. Right-click on it and select Properties. A box will appear.

Type the text: -s -t 3600 -c “Operation was successful” at the input box of Target.

You can change “3600” with the period of time you want (units measured in seconds) and “Operation was successful” with any texts you’d like to see. To make it remarkable, you can change the default icon with the option below. Then click OK.

To cancel the shutdown timer, you can create another shortcut by the same way but replace “-s -t 3600 -c “Operation was successful”” with “shutdown -a”.

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Use Command Prompt

Command Prompt is another effective way to set the shutdown timer. All you need is open Command Prompt and type the correct command.

There are many ways to open this application. But the simplest one is clicking the Window icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and then typing “cmd” at the input box (search Programmes and Files).

Right-click at the top result and then click Run as administrator. It will come in a small box asking you if you want to change your PC with Command Prompt. Select Yes.

At the Command Prompt window, text the command “shutdown -s -t number” with “number” as the seconds you want to timer.

To cancel, continue to type “shutdown -a” at the next line in the same Command Prompt window.

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Use Wise Auto Shutdown

In case you want to do the shutdown timer with a tool having easy-to-use graphical interface, think about dedicated softwares. Wise Auto Shutdown is exactly one of them.

You can find its download link very easily in web browsers and click at Download now. With the help of the operating system, the process is super fast and you have a handy application on your computer.

At the interface of this software, everything is clear with small circles for you to choose your wanted tasks and specific time. It also has an option that can remind you about the task 5 minutes before executing. To finish, click Start Task.

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Use Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer is another dedicated software to execute the shutdown timer instead of certain commands in the Windows operator system.

Rather similar to Wise Auto Shutdown, this software gives you many options of tasks and time with a very easy-to-use graphic interface. Besides Shutdown, this software can also timer Restart, Hibernate or automatically move to a certain website.

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Do not ignore the shutdown timer function to make your computer more convenient. This article introduces 5 simple ways to install this amazing tool on your computer. Let’s try and gain benefits from it. Thanks for your reading!


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