mSpy, TrackMyFone and Mobistealth – Who Is the Ultimate Winner?

What I have got for your guys today is a very personalized mobile monitoring app review. I have used these three aforementioned apps over a span of time and I can quite easily say that they can be attributed to “fish from the same pond.”

However, there are discrepancies that do hold in terms of price and features and therefore, I will leave the final decision up to you guys after highlighting a few pros and cons of the each app.



This app is as old as the term mobile monitoring itself! It has evolved over time and the U.S.P for this app is its wide range OS compatibility. You can use Mobile Spy on iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Nokia phones.

It provides all basic features like phone logs tracking, access to chats and multimedia from IM apps like Facebook, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Kik, remote phone locking and data wiping etc. mSpy is available at a starting price of $8.33/month for the basic and $16.67 for the premium edition.


TrackMyFone is one of the newest mobile phone spying apps. It was released last December but within a time span of few months, the app has provided subtle updates. Now you can access chats, call logs, photos, videos and audio from Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage. It also lets you take screenshots of the target device, records call or provides you access to phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, contacts and even calendar entries.

Why TrackMyFone is still working on my kids’ cell phone is because of its powerful and effective services. Its GPS tracking feature is highly accurate and responsive. The online control Panel is designed with sophistication, making it extremely easy to navigate between different features of the app.

The best thing about TrackMyFone is its performance and price. It’s also available for $8.33/month for the basic package. However, the premium edition is cheaper than mSpy and will cost its users only $12.49/month. You can also check out some TrackMyFone Reviews on business reviewing sites.


Flexispy offers the biggest range of mobile phone monitoring features. It can do a lot of crazy stuff with the target device like getting passwords or using phone’s camera to take a photo etc. The features list is big and so is the price. You will get the premium edition for a starting price of $149/year ($12.41/month effective price), while the extreme edition is available for $349/year ($29.08/month effective price).

Final verdict

Well I must agree that no one particular app is completely dominant over the others. Flexispy offers premium features for a premium price. mSpy provides decent price but nothing special with the features. However, TrackMyFone is something that has created a great combination of features and price. It has many powerful features like Flexispy but is the cheapest of all three. So if you have been thinking of buying a mobile monitoring app, make sure you know what you want from it; features, price or both.

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