Top 5+ Best Websites to Stream and Watch Movies Online


All of us love watching movies and TV series, right? Movie making and entertainment industry worth billions of dollars because of its interesting vigor and charm it has instilled around. If you are not a fan of buying movies or downloading them using torrent, you can watch movies online and stream them easily.

There are numerous websites using which you can watch and stream movies. You might have heard of Netflix movie service only but you will be amazed to learn that millions of users around the world use the best movie streaming sites to watch movies online. This article will show you a list of best websites to stream and watch movies online. Let’s get started.

Movie Streaming Sites Comparison Table

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My Download Tube









Solar Movies



Amazon Movie Streaming


Los Movies









Ozo Movies















Putlocker Streaming









iMovies Tube








Top 10 Best Movies Online On Streaming Sites

1. PutLockers8

stream and watch Movies online

PutLockers8 is one of the most famous names when it comes to streaming and online entertainment. You can find literally thousands of movies on this website. PutLocker has an agreement with thousands of non-affiliated sources which enable them to host the movies on remote sources without actually consuming the native bandwidth. This affects the streaming speed in a positive way. You are able to use the website’s search feature to search and mine out the best movies to stream and watch. The movie prints are amazing and you can watch movies on your mobile devices also as this website is completely responsive.

2. My Download Tube

stream and watch Movies online

My Download Tube is relatively a new name in the list of best websites to stream movies, but the speed, agility, and performance of this newcomer have made it dwarf many old players in the industry. There is no need to sign up or make any account. Just open the website and start streaming, it’s that simple. You can watch the movies online for free on this website and there is almost no movie which you won’t find on this website. You can also download your favorite movies here if you want to watch movies offline.

3. NewMoviesOnline

stream and watch Movies online

NewMoviesOnline is also a great website to stream movies. The best thing about this is that it hosts movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood, so the viewers who are a fan of Bollywood can also use this website to stream movies which are not available in their area. This website is lightweight, and loads fast and streams the content instantly because the content is not stored natively and placed on offshore resources.

4. HugeMoviedb

Best Movie Stream Sites

You will find the best movies from every genre here on Huge Moviedb. This website, as its name suggests, has a gigantic database of movies which you can search and stream. You can easily stream these movies on your Android and iPhone because of the fact that this website is completely responsive.

5. Solar Movies

stream and watch Movies online

This website is one of the best movie streaming sites to use. It has a simple design but its database is teeming with the best old and new movies. You open this website and then see a simple search box where you can type the name of the movie which you need to stream or watch offline. Solar Movies website also hosts TV shows and new episodes. All this is for free. You do not need any subscription.

6. Amazon Movie Streaming

Best Movie Stream Sites

Amazon no longer does e-commerce business only; it has tapped into a vast area and movie streaming is one of these areas. You can use Amazon Prime service to see the best movies and TV shows in the best available prints and HD with subtitles. Amazon has started a 30-day trial and the company is offering you to see free movies online for 30 days and then decide whether you want to pay it a minute subscription fee or not. You can also see exclusive content from Amazon partners like AMC and HBO.

7. Los Movies

Best Movie Stream Sites

Los Movie has a very fast speed and great design which will enable you to watch movies online for free. It is definitely one of the best movie streaming sites. You can open Los Movie and search its database to stream any movie. Apart from this, it also has a suggestion feature which shows you suggestions and recommendations from different genres. You can watch movies and also download them for free for offline usage.

8. Movie4K

Best Movie Stream Sites

You can find thousands of movies and seasons ready to stream on this website. Movie4K is one of the authoritative names in the realm of movie streaming. It has dwarfed many of its competitors and you can also enjoy TV series and other exclusive content on this website. This website has performed so well that it is blocked in many areas. If you find difficulty in opening this website, just try using a proxy service.

9. Vumoo

Best Movie Stream Sites

Vumoo is a great movie streaming site. This website has a great, searchable database of movies and you will see a lot of updates on this website from time to time. The speed is good and the available prints and versions of movies are also great to watch.

10. Ozo Movies

Best Movie Stream Sites

Ozo Movies is a great website to stream new and old movies. It links using affiliate linking program and gives you a lot of options to watch and stream movies online from a variety of sources. You can enjoy movies and download theirs subtitles and then stream on this website. From the list of links provided, if one link doesn’t work, you could always move to the next option. There is also an option given by the service to watch movies on mobile.


These are the best movie streaming sites. Most of the above-mentioned websites are free to use. But if you want the best performance and most features, some of them provide a free-based subscription model. It is always best to have a lot of options while trying to stream a movie. Many websites provide third-party links which may be broken some of the times. In that case, going through the list and trying to stream the movie from other alternatives is a good idea. You can also check different websites to find the best print to watch. Tell us which is your favorite movie streaming website is.

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