Top 5 Biking Apps You Ought To Check Out

Whether or not you are searching for a means to get off the sofa and get outdoors or you are practicing for the next Ironman, you will find lots of cycling as well as running applications on the market.

As the years pass by, smartphones continue getting fancier – and so do the host of mountain biking applications on the market. If you want to ride the best mountain bikes and use a smartphone, possibilities are you already take that technological know-how on the track along with you. Why not utilize it?

Today’s applications can assist you to navigate tracks, monitor your training, and remain safe in the forest plus much more.

What is the best part? Most are totally free!

For the really serious cyclist, you might know precisely what you are searching for, yet it’s still hard to select which application will suit your needs.

Anyone whose concept of fun entails clocking up the kms whilst cycling up a steep hill recognizes that the best part of the ride, will be to make it to the summit, halting for a rest and then taking out the smartphone or perhaps mini tablet to commemorate his accomplishments, hear his favorite melody or record a Snapchat video.

Best Apps For Mountain Bikers

In case you are among those brave techie enthusiasts who cannot go anywhere without having the mobile phone or tablet, who does not worry losing their gadget or who just requires music to enjoy their encounter outdoors, then get hold of these five cool apps mentioned below:

1. GPX-Viewer

GPX-Viewer operates on a comparatively basic concept, but to our expertise, this actually is the only app which lets you download as well as view raw .GPX files.

Currently, there are many apps on Android which offer this ability, nevertheless because of how sealed the iOS file system is virtually no other application has attempted to make this occur.

Using GPX-Viewer, you are able to email yourself a .GPX file, or even surf to one of the 1000s of .GPX files and download them into the application. After the file is in the application, you may view the track data on its own, or perhaps overlay it on the satellite photos. You may also get around the map – without even a cell signal. Whilst the principle may possibly appear simple, having this specific performance readily accessible directly on your phone is remarkable!

2. iBiker

iBiker is probably the best in biking apps. It is going to monitor your path, pulse rate, velocity, time, timeframe, and much more. It functions for both street cycling as well as mountain biking, outdoor and indoor. It is possible to plan the outdoor rides using GPS and evaluate your outcomes as time passes.

The app provides voice opinions, in-workout photos, online exercise accessibility features, as well as splits; you will not require an additional app. You may incorporate iBiker along with pedometers such as Misfit Shine, Fitbit, and Jawbone UP to keep track of your slumber, overall everyday activity, and other metrics plus a more precise calorie burn rate.

In case you prefer, it is possible to share the charts, routes, and also outcomes on Twitter, Facebook, as well as other sites.

  1. Monitor your paths, distance, calories burnt, and much more
  2. Schedule your paths with GPS
  3. Sync information to several gadgets
  4. Combines with Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Withings, plus more
  5. Totally free with in-app acquisitions

3. Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS

It is a spectacular application which successfully converts your Apple iPhone into the most fantastic bike PC and a perfect biking friend. The application is equipped with several strikingly incredible functions which assist you to track every facet of your path. You may use the application to track your performance, including the time taken, distance covered, pace, height, heart rate, along with the level of calories burnt. Users can easily monitor their paths in real-time and share them with friends and family.

The application features a route lookup option which enables you to ride 1000s of mountain bike paths, and it also provides you with accessibility to offline maps for the off tracks and also downhill trails without having any GSM protection. In general, it is really an incredible application which will encourage you, the mountain biker.

4. ViewRanger Outdoors GPS & Maps

Should you be a serious outdoor fanatic, ViewRanger Outdoor GPS and Maps is definitely an amazing off-road guide which you are better off possessing than not. It happens to be an app which offers an entire offline mapping, navigation, plus well-guided trail services for those days which you desire to spend studying the countryside or maybe the forest.

There are lots of great GPS apps on the market that may find you on a map and provide you with directions; nevertheless, ViewRanger really does much more than just that. With ViewRanger, you can program your journey, plan the route, track down your region, get navigated to your desired destination, record your own tracks, plus much more!

Furthermore, you can easily choose the very best map and you will always realize your mapped position even though your cell phone does not have signal! Moreover, the application also facilitates area sharing, social networking integration, as well as coordinated online services – perfect for passionate hill bikers just like you to share the daring experiences along with your loved ones.

5. Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter converts the iPhone into a GPS stopwatch. Monitoring your mountain bike exercises, the Cyclemeter helps keep a record of your time, area, range, height as well as speed.

Keep track of your progress routinely (at distance or time intervals) or upon demand with 30 configurable notices, for example, time, height, range, velocity and much more. You may also contend against an earlier workout or other individuals’ exercise routines which you have imported.

See your outcomes on charts, maps as well as calendars. Social networking and e-mail may be used to share maps of the workouts. Do not worry regarding using a lot of space, since years of exercise information occupies only a few songs’ worth of area. It is readily available for iPhone only.


The abrasive terrain, as well as blood-curdling rates of Mountain Biking, isn’t for those who are fainthearted. Nerves of steel are essential whenever you are careering down a mountain at more than 40 mph.

These five apps mentioned here have got diverse degrees of characteristics as well as costs to assist you to find exactly what you are interested in based on your requirements as well as preferences. The greatest part is that these best/good mountain bikes all quite inexpensive.

Solomen is a founder of OHT( and at his happiest when he's working with technology and able to help others. In his free time, he often listens to Baroque music and goes swimming. Feel free to contact me on social media!

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