3 ways to Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone without any loss

Switching from your old iPhone to a brand new one is probably the best feeling in the world. There is a handful of things that you have to keep in mind while switching to your new mobile and one of the most important among them is the data transfer. Transferring your old data to your new phone is however not a very tough job especially when you have the right tool in your hand.

Here are the three easiest ways in which you can transfer your phone data from iPhone to iPhone. Before you start reading about the methods, it is important for you to know that mere transferring of data is not it. You must never forget to backup all your data before transferring it to be on the safer side.

There are three possible and easy ways in which you can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. One is the automatic setup, the other is by using the iTunes, and the third one is with the help of iCloud. Though there can be other ways to transfer your data, the one mentioned above are best ones. So let us understand them in detail:

Method 1: Automatic transfer data between iPhone and iPhone

Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone

Place the two devices nearby for automatic transfer of data. Turn on both the device. A quick start screen will appear. You will see an option for setting up of a new device. The option will ask for your Apple ID. Use the ID and tap on Continue. If you see no option, use Bluetooth to complete the process. An animation will appear on new iPhone.

Keep your old phone over new and scan the image using device’s camera. Use Passcode of the old device to set up the new device. You will then see an option of restoring of apps, setting, and data from an old device. Choose the transfer option and complete the process.

Method 2: Transfer data from iPhone to another iPhone by using the software.

This method is much faster as well as convenient as compared to the other ways. Here are the steps in which you can transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone:

Step 1: Download and install iPhone transfer software on your PC.

Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone 2

Step 2: Use USB cables and Plug your old iPhone into your PC and launch iTunes.

Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone 2

Step 3: Select the “Transfer to another device”, the software will then automatically load the files from iPhone.

Step 4: Then tap on “transfer” to transfer files from your old iPhone to new iPhone.

Transfer data between iPhone and iPhone 2

Method 3: Transfer iPhone data to Another iPhone by using iCloud

iCloud on Macbook

You can transfer all your data using the iCloud wirelessly. To transfer the data make sure that your mobile is connected to WiFi and then launch settings from the Home screen. Tap on the iCloud, backup and then on, back up now. Turn off the old phone once the transfer is done and take out your SIM card.

Put the card into the new mobile and restore from the iCloud backup. Sign into your account, agree to the terms and conditions, choose the recent backup, and enter your password and all your data will be transferred shortly.

Make sure that you keep the mobile plugged in until all the data is transferred and use the latest versions of iTunes. This is the simplest way of data transfer from one iPhone to another.

Method 2 is the safest and simplest method of the above 3 methods, it will ensure that your iPhone data is secure during the transfer process. If you are interested, you can learn more about the steps involved.

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