Watch Out! Tiny Old-Fashioned Spy Recorders Being Used to Steal Business Secrets

Using state-of-the-art technology and ancient strategies of misleading and manipulating, corporate espionage is one of the biggest corporate threats. International wars today are not confined to national issues. They are increasingly comprising the company against the company. The trial between Apple from the United States and South Korea’s technological giant Samsung represents only one example of the epic war over the most popular business secrets in the world.

Industrial espionage is the process in which confidential information from other organizations is obtained unlawfully and unethically – formulas, algorithms, strategic plans, and other intellectual property – with the aim to acquire a competitive edge over a competitor. It is costly and might kill your global firm to have corporate secrets robbed by a competitor. This is why it has never been more crucial for American CEOs to learn about the spy recorders that could be used to steal your business secrets.

Ballpoint Pen Audio Recorder

This is one of the spy recorders you should be watching out for. It is probably one of the most common gadgets because it can easily be bought online, some versions cheaper than others. The black ballpoint pen seems typical from the exterior, but there’s a deadly recording pad underneath. It’s excellent to deceive your supervisor into thinking that you take notes and take what is spoken.

It records to a standard of eyebrow-lifting, which has an audio quality of 192Kbps and contains noise-reduction technology. It’s incredibly simple to operate this pen/recorder since you can store your audio on one button to start recording.

The automatic recording option is one item we are still not so confident of. So when the device is turned off, it reacts to the sound and records it, and then saves the audio after the sound stops. This may be quite advantageous in many instances, however in this case when looking to keep trade secrets, it may be unpreferred.


The bigger size of the recording equipment means that the LED display is detailed. The backlight display provides fast input about current recording, battery, and recording quality settings. With the information on hand immediately, any estimation of the quality of the audio recording is eliminated.

This does not mean that you must stare at the screen to make it work. The voice activation function allows for control from across a room without touching it. This provides unlimited recording opportunities. Allowing the presence of memory and reduce extended, sonic passages in silent moments.

The audio can be heard back on the built-in speaker or via the headset. Obviously, the headphone option is more private, but you will find it quite rare to put a speaker on such gadgets. A microphone input is located next to the headphone jack. Although the built-in microphone is good and has large fittings and modes, it is always pleasant to have the option of being able to adjust to any environment. For example, this Sony recorder accepts a clip-on microphone. We found out that even if you put the built-in microphone in a pocket, it works quite well. 

Sony ECMCS3 Clip-on Mic

With the Sony logo and clips, this microphone can do some suspicious recording even while your hands are full. In contrast to the others, the detective card seems to be playing. It’s something that can be seen in films, where a defenseless non-detective fights bad guys to prove their crimes or to make them accept the killing. 

What distinguishes this device from the crowd? Well, the microphone can be turned into omnidirectional recording, which is one of the biggest advantages. Just turn the mic to your target sounds and let this great device handle the rest. If necessary, this function allows you to adjust to the environment. A quick scrape beneath your chin and some sleight of hand, and without anyone noticing you have recovered the direction you wish to take. The wire is approximately the same length as the typical earphone cable, allowing it to clip into your collar and reach your pocket inside. This makes it a device that can easily be hidden. 

Flash Drive Microphone

It’s pretty much like the first secret recorder, however this one triple as a USB device and a keyring. You can pick them up with a black and silver design that is noticed not for its recording but merely for its stylish aesthetics.

It has been constructed so that the blinking USB light stays inactive during capture to retain the internal recorder operation under the wrapper. This makes it easy that other people won’t realize they’re being recorded. To make it easy to operate and not give away the secret, the working buttons have been simplified to an easy record and off button. 

But anybody on Mac or a PC can download files into their laptops from those digital voice recorders and you don’t need for a software.

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