6 Easy Ways to Force Quit Mac Apps in macOS
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6 Easy Ways to Force Quit Mac Apps in macOS

Mac OS X is a great platform by Apple, which is used by billions of users around the world. Normally, when you are using an App on Mac and want to close it, you just use the cross or quit option from the menu or visual interface. But what if the app of software hangs?

This problem is extremely common in Mac. An app gets stuck or simply refuses to get closed by normal routine. Everything doesn’t hang necessarily, but there is something wrong with the Mac algorithm when it comes to closing the apps.That is why you have options and ways to force quit apps. You can force quit on macOS Sierra or El Capitan to get rid of the app or software that is not closing via normal way. This article shows you on how to force quit on Mac Laptops. You can use these methods to make your life easy.

Let’s get started.

6 Ways to Force Quit The Applications

1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts To Force Quit An App

The best way to force quit on Mac is to use the keyboard shortcuts. Apple has given the keyboard shortcuts for almost all the functions. To force quit any app, just press Command key with Option and Escape key. You must press these three keys together to complete the combination.

 force quit the app 1

When you press these keys, you will see the force quit applications window on which you will be able to click on the app name which you want to close. This is a kind of task manager from Windows.

force quit the app 2

After clicking on the name of the app you need to close, click the “Force Quit” button as shown in the image below.

 force quit the app 3

2. Quitting an Active App

If you want to cut the slack and quit the app directly without choosing from the menus and clicking the buttons, there is a way for that too. You can use a keyboard shortcut to quit the active app on Mac.

To do that, press and hold these four keys:

Command+ Option+ Shift+ Escape

force quit the app 13

The app which is currently running will be force-closed. This is a great way to get the job done because you will not have to choose between other apps.

3. Using Dock To Force Quit An App

There is another method to force quit the app in a Mac, which will need the use of your mouse and keyboard. In order to do that, press and hold the Option key + Right-Click on the icon of the app which you want to quit or close.

force quit the app 5

Then, click on the “Force Quit” option. This will quit the application immediately.

Note: You also use the TrackPad + Keyboard, this means: Press and Hold the Option key + Tap the Trackpad with Two-fingers.

4. Using Apple Menu To Force Quit An App

There is yet another way to force quit on Mac. You can use this method to get rid of any app that has gone haywire or berserk. Just press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and then press the  Apple menu. You will instantly see the “Force Quit” option along with the application name. Just click the option and the app will be killed.

force quit the app 7 

This was perhaps the easiest and yet powerful methods to close the inaccessible apps in Mac. Getting rid of apps through multiple ways becomes necessary as sometimes users prefer one way over the other. You can pick any one of them ways described in this article to get the job done easily. Let us have a look at another way to use the built-in force quit option in Mac.

5. Using Activity Monitor To Force Quit An App

Using the activity monitor in Mac is a habit of many users. Doing tasks using the activity monitor is necessary when you want to achieve the target in a clean and useful way.

To force close apps in Mac using Activity Monitor, head over to /Applications/Utilities/ or open this location from Spotlight. You can do this by pressing and holding the Command + Space key and then typing the ‘Activity Monitor’ before pressing the Return or Enter key.

 force quit the app 6

Just find the unresponsive app in the activity monitor by locating the Red sign. All the apps which are not responding or going continuously in the thread process are marked as red.

force quit the app 9

Just click the “Quit Process” option with the app which you want to close. This is also similar to the task manager feature of Windows.

force quit the app 8

6. Using The Terminal to Kill The App

You can also use the Terminal app to kill the app by using the "kill - 9" command easily.

Step 1: Open the Terminal in Mac OS X. You can open the Terminal app via three ways.

Step 2: Find the PIU of the App by typing the command:

top - u

force quit the app 10

Then hit Enter, you can see the "PID" column that shows the PID number of each application and remember the PID number which you need to kill, for example; you can see "609 VOX."

force quit the app 11

Step 3: Type "q" (without the quotes) to return to the Terminal prompt.

Step 4: Type "kill -9 609" and hit Return to kill the VOX app. Replace "609" with the number that you kept in mind the Step 2.

force quit the app 12

Step 5: Type the user password for your Mac, and press "Return" again. The application will close immediately. Exit the Terminal window to return to the desktop.

Note: It also works great on macOS Sierra.


These were some of the ways to force quit on Mac. You can smoothly close or quit a process, software or app using the ways mentioned above. In the case of any question or confusion, feel free to comment on this post.


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