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Top 5+ Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

While some people still prefer heavy desktop gaming rigs, a lot of people have switched to sleek gaming laptops. Thanks to the advancements in technology and ...

Top 5+ Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should Have

With the advent of the new cloud-based operating systems, people rely on the web browsers for most of their work. In the recent years, Google released Chrome ...

How to Create a New Apple ID Without Credit Card

Apple ID is an all in one Apple account that can be used to purchase any kind of music, videos, applications and Mac apps from the App Store and Mac App Store. ...

How to Set Up and Use iCloud on iPhone, Mac, Windows

Long gone are the days, when we had to use the USB cable to sync the data between the iPhone and any computer. With the Advent of iCloud in iOS 5, People can ...

How to Make a New YouTube Playlist on a Phone and PC

Over the years, YouTube has become the largest video sharing and music listening website around the globe. People use it to listen inspirational speeches, ...

How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone or Tablet

Taking a screenshot on an Android phone is not as easy as compared to take a screenshot on the iPhone because of plenty of hardware manufacturers and different ...

Buying Guide: The 5+ Best Laptops For Video Editing

Editing video can be a challenging, fun experience and for those looking to boost their social media profiles, a great way to attract more viewers and ...

Buying Guide: Best Digital Cameras Under $200

Cameras have come a long way ever since their inception. From large pinhole image machines to small handheld devices, the modern era has revolutionized the way ...

Top 5+ Smartphones With The Best Battery Life of 2018

It's 2018 and smartphones are as important in our daily lives as other necessities like food and water. From booking cabs to checking the weather for rain, ...

Windows 10 TaskBar Not Hiding: How To Fix It

Hiding the Taskbar is a good way to add extra space to your desktop so that you keep things in a more organized manner. The problem here is that sometimes, the ...

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