Top 5+ Best Ad Blockers for Android [Phone and Tablet]

The great Internet brings us all one common, and quite frankly, annoying problem: ADS. Ads are useful for companies, marketers, bloggers, etc., but they are a nightmare for the end user. Ads ruin the web browsing experience for a lot of people.

Whether you are browsing the Internet on your laptop or mobile phone, you are sure to encounter ads anywhere you go. They are an excellent way to make money for websites, but they are annoying.

Not all ads are annoying, though, but a large number of them are, and we strive to help you surf the web unhindered and free of ads. Amidst the sea of Ad Blocker apps available on the Google Play Store, we have handpicked the best of the best, the most efficient, and the most impressive ones to give you an uninterrupted browsing experience right on your mobile screen.

Following is a list of the best ad blockers for Android.

5+ Best Ad Blockers for Android of 2018

1. AdGuard

Best Ad Blockers for Android

If you are tired of ads not only from websites but also from free apps, this app can take care of it all. AdGuard is like bringing in the big guns and removing all ads from your device once and for all. It creates a firewall against the ads and all apps on your device become ad-free. It will make your device squeaky clean and free of all interruptions. We all hate those pop-up ads playing our favorite free games, well, say goodbye to those and get AdGuard toady! It also has a very friendly User Interface.

If you wish to see ads on some apps, however, you can customize AdGuard to allow them to show apps. This could be useful for using apps and websites that do not enable you to browse them if you have an Ad Blocker installed. There is a slight drawback for users with slow Internet connections. AdGuard uses a VPN connection, so it will slow down your speed if you have a slow Internet.

2. Adblock Plus

Best Ad Blockers for Android

You might already have this on your web browser as it is one of the most popular Ad Blocker on the Internet. It is hailed as the only Ad Blocker you will need to give you an entirely ad-free browsing experience. If you have used it on your Chrome or Firefox web browser, you must know that it has a history of getting blocked several times as it completely removes any ads that you might see, and that upsets the likes of Google. Same is the case with its Android app.

You cannot find it on Google Play anymore and will have to download the "apk" file from their official website and then install it yourself on your Android device. It is worth the trouble, though, and it guarantees you to remove any and all ads you may see on your web browser. An easier solution to get Adblock Plus would be to get Firefox Android browser and download its official add-on from Firefox.

3. TrustGo Ad Detector

Best Ad Blockers for Android

TrustGo Ad Detector is another great and free option. It comes from the TrustGo Antivirus and Security family, so it has a credible reputation to back it up. The great thing about TrustGo is that it offers dual functionality: one that it blocks ads from your apps and browsers, and second, that it protects your data against privacy leaks.

If you are concerned about apps peeking into your private data and leaking it to advertisers, this one is for you. It has a nice UI too that helps you customize it to include or exclude apps from it. It strives to keep your information secure and provide you a pleasant browsing experience too.

4. AppBrain Ad Detector

Best Ad Blockers for Android

Another app that protects you against privacy invasion and unwanted apps both at the same time is AppBrain Ad Detector. It lets you know which apps are sending you unwanted push notifications, the apps that are responsible for any unfamiliar Desktop icons, or the apps that have the permissions that could lead to a privacy invasion.

 It is one of the best solutions to help you keep control of your information, avoid ads, and know which apps to avoid and which ones to trust.

5. Adaway

Best Ad Blockers for Android

For the lovers of open source software, Adaway is one of the best Ad Blockers out there. It requires you to root your device to get it, so the less tech savvy of us are best advised to leave it be and try any of the other solutions we have listed. However, if you already have a rooted phone, or are willing to go through the trouble to root it, you will find this app to be incredibly simple and awesomely useful.

 It blocks the ads by inspecting the host's file and blocking the mappings between ad host names and IP addresses. It provides a flawless browsing experience by taking out ads, and the best part is, it does not slow down the speed.

The only drawback of this Ad Blocker is that it requires you to root your application and that can be problematic. It does have the benefit of being open source, and the hackers among us can tweak the source code to make it even more awesome. To top things off, it has a pretty cool and clever name too.
Get it here.

6. Ad Vanish Pro

Ad Vanish Pro has a lite version that you can try for free and see if it is what you are looking for. It blocks ads from online and offline apps without needing to root your phone, and in our opinion, it is a simple yet effective app if you're looking just to get an Ad Blocker and move on with your life.

One drawback of this app is that it is not available in all countries. So click on the link below to see if it is available in yours.

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