Best Soundbar Under 200: Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

Are you looking to own the best soundbar under $200? Well, luckily technological advancements have made it possible to enjoy the perks of good audio on a budget. You don’t have to worry about the quality of sound coming from your sound bar thanks to companies focusing on the entry-level buyer. In this article, our focus is on top best soundbars that will not cost an arm and a leg. Here’s a quick comparison of what to expect.


How do you choose a SoundBar on a $200 Budget?

How to choose a SoundBar on a $200 Budget?

How to choose a SoundBar on a $200 Budget?

Let’s face it; you don’t just pick the first soundbar that is in your budget range. There are features and factors you need to consider before taking that big step. Sound bars in this price range are from many different brands. In this category, the brand will matter since you are looking to buy from a company that can produce high-quality products without hurting your wallet.

Ultimately, there are also features that define one model from the other. Some sound bars will look and feel sturdy since they adopt a robust and thicker frame while other feel flimsy since the manufacturers go for the sleek and slim design of sound bars. The idea is to know what you prefer to see in a soundbar that goes hand in hand with the $200 budget.

Advantages of Choosing a Sound Bar

  • Easy to Setup

A soundbar is a slim cabinet that holds the speakers. You won’t be dealing with a maze of wires and setting up of individual speakers when you want to attain excellent surround sound.

  • Precision Engineering

The design of a sound bar, no matter the price range is that it is an all-in-one speaker system. They produce a rich sound that is similar to any superior speaker system. They feature amplification and sound processing for perfect self-modulation.

  • Simple and Affordable Solution

When the flat panel TV was born, we had crystal clear pictures, but their tiny speakers could not give us the audio effects that keep us glued to the TV. That’s where soundbars come in as they connect to the TV and give us explosive sounds that match HD imagery of the TV.

Attributes of a Good Soundbar

  • Impeccable Quality

Quality is not something you get to compromise on even on a budget. Your soundbar should produce rich audio that you will be impressed hearing. If not, then it’s not the right pick for your TV. Sometimes compatibility can be an issue, so it’s something you need to consider before spending some money on a soundbar.

  • Brand

There are brands that have a better reputation than others. And when it comes to picking the right soundbar, you may want to look at a model that has been approved by buyers with the backing of a good name in this industry.

  • Durable Construction

The design in terms of components and parts can be similar in the $200 price range. But you should pause to see what others are saying about the longevity of a particular model.

Soundbar vs. Sound Base

Two types of soundbars exist: The literal bar and Sound Base

  • The literal bar

As the description states, this is a long, thin bar that can be paired with a subwoofer. It can be installed next to the TV or wall-mounted.

  • Sound Base

This is a platform style bar which sits under the TV and supports it. It can have a more substantial speaker than a bar, thus capable of producing surprisingly better sound than a bar. But sound bases struggle to create the same kind of bass produced by a soundbar.

What kind of connection will you need for your Soundbar?

soundbar under 200 for money

What kind of connection will you need for your Soundbar?

The most uncomplicated audio design is via Digital Audio Input where you connect all devices like the home theatre to the TV, and then connect the TV’s optical audio output to the sound bar. This allows you to switch between devices using your HDTV.

  • Bluetooth

Many models support Bluetooth where you’ll be able to stream music and control the unit directly from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

  • Wi-Fi

Some soundbars are Wi-Fi enabled so that you can access online music services. You’ll even encounter models that provide an Ethernet jack pin to complete a wired connection to your home network.

Which is the best place to install your Soundbar?

Knowing where to install your soundbar once you buy it, is one of the factors that is going to narrow down your choices. You need first to consider where your TV is currently positioned. Is it hanging on the wall or installed on the cabinet. For a hanging TV, you can have the soundbar right below it. This gives an uncluttered look, especially for the modern living room setup.

But when you have the TV in a cabinet, it will be essential to know the dimensions of the TV and that of the soundbar so that it will not block the TV when you install it in front of the TV. You can install the soundbar with the speakers lying flat or facing forward to ensure the TV is not close to being blocked.

Best Performing Soundbars Under $200

Polk Audio Polk Signa Solo Universal Home Theatre Sound Bar

An immersive home theatre experience is what the Polk Signa is all about. Polk Audio is not new to the world of sound systems. They have been around for more than ten years thus we are convinced that what this brand entails is quality on a high level.

First, this model uses its patented Polka SDA Surround Technology. It creates a multi-dimensional soundstage with detailed stereo imaging. You get a room filled with immersive sound so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and music.

This soundbar integrates Polk VoiceAdjust Technology to give crystal clear dialogue by allowing customization of the voice levels. Not to mention, it will not need an extra subwoofer thanks to the built-in bass ports and a four-driver array that delivers 10X more bass. You are set for the most exciting time when using this model.

Apart from the sound features, Polk Signa includes Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music directly from mobile devices. You can stream all your favorites and enjoy sound quality only offered by a Polk soundbar.

However, you can’t control this device from your TV. It is designed to work only with the supplied remote. If you have a small sized room, this is probably the most practical choice for under $200. It has a super wide soundstage which results in great home theatre sound.


  • It has music and movie settings to help optimize the sound, dialogue, and deep bass
  • The remote control provides master volume plus separate Polk VoiceAdjust and bass settings
  • Uses key-hole slots for easy mounting
  • Universally compatible with all major TV brands


  • It does not work with other remote controls like the TV’s

WOHOME TV SoundBar 38-Inch 80W Wired/Wireless

WOHOME presents us with a 2.0 channel 38-inch soundbar. This model also leans on the affordable side of quality soundbars. It is categorized by the use of DSP technology for its surround system. This is a system that is optimized for digital signal processing. It is an excellent application for a system that doesn’t tolerate delay like your home theatre system.

DSP is sound in 3D that immerses you in a more realistic audio scene. This gives you a natural listening experience so that you don’t get tired after listening to loud music for hours on end.

With four pieces of 15w full range speakers and two 10W tweeters, you will enjoy crisp sound for all your Movies, TV shows and gaming. It also comes with two bass reflex tubes for powerful bass. With this model, you’ll not go looking for a subwoofer. It’s a complete set that covers every aspect of rich sound.

Mounting is a breeze with either a wireless or wired means. You can use Bluetooth to stream music directly to the soundbar or choose a wired connection from USB, Coaxial, RCA, or optical inputs. Better still, the RCA and optical cables are provided. WOHOME offers you a fantastic upgrade to a much better home theatre experience. It targets anyone with a flat panel TV and needs to ramp up the sound.


  • Mount kit for a wall or cabinet installation is included
  • DSP technology provides more clarity and sound precision
  • Provides dual connection via Bluetooth or USB, RCA, coaxial or optical connectivity


  • It is intended for indoor use only

MEGACRA 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer for TV

It’s hard to miss a visually appealing soundbar like the MEGACRA. It includes a subwoofer to add to the possibilities of great sounding speakers. This unit boasts a solid build thus you can expect it to last long in its best condition. This soundbar features powerful speakers which crank out loud crystal clear sound that will never compare to that of your TV.

Again, this soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity. You can control the sound and listen to music from the comfort of your smartphone or any other mobile device using Echo Dot. So convenient! You can also go for a wired connection using white/red RCA, coaxial or an optical link. You have numerous ways that will go with your flat TV, computer, or even tablet.

We like that the sleek design allows wall mounting in an uncluttered form or you can choose to place it below the TV. The slim construction ensures that it will never block your TV. Different modes like bass and treble are adjustable for a customized listening experience. This unit delivers more than you pay for. From the impeccable sound to Bluetooth connectivity, and full bass subwoofer, it’s all and more from such an affordable model.


  • Slim and sleek for both wall and in front of TV installation
  • DSP surround sound technology
  • Connects to nearly all major TV brands, computers, and tablets
  • 100W speakers produce loud, crystal clear sound


  • It does not support Dolby surround

Yamaha YAS-107dB Sound Bar

Yamaha is another incredible brand that enables homeowners to complete their audio system setup with style. As a single bar, this unit has multiple mounting options and is even great for small rooms. It gives you an appealing setup which you’ll like to bring in your living space.

YAS-107 built-in speakers produce remarkable virtual surround sound with an output of 10dB. It’s one of the loudest units on our list, but you won’t be dealing with listening fatigue. YAS-107 integrates a clear voice function which balances how you hear people speak on TV. You will hear every single word with better clarity, and you’ll never have to keep adjusting volume according to the scene.

It brings you a cinematic audio experience thanks to the wall to wall expansive sound. The built-in subwoofers are a fantastic addition that ensures you won’t be adding any subwoofers unless you are hosting a party.

Connectivity is also two-way, either wired or wireless Bluetooth connection. The remote control gives you easy operation. It even has a downloadable app (Home Theatre Control App) which gives you access to more functions other than those in the remote control. YAS-107 also offers Bluetooth control with great sound quality. Whichever preference you have, this soundbar is ready to roll.


  • It uses inbuilt speakers and subwoofers with a 107dB output
  • Multi-connection capability via Bluetooth, HDMI, or optical cable connection
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD, HDCP 2.2, and HDR pass-through
  • Offers nice placement options due to the slim design


  • It does not have in-unit control buttons

Samsung HW-M360/ZA 200Watt 2.1 Channel Audio Soundbar

We all know Samsung, and it’s no wonder their soundbar emerges top in this roundup. This is a soundbar that includes a wireless subwoofer. It is the ultimate home entertainment system when you are on a tight budget. Although cheap, the sound is on a level of immersive surround sound enabled by Dolby Digital Sound.

The unit also supports DTS-2 channel audio for that cinematic surround sound.Feel as if you are in the action of your favorite movies with the active wireless subwoofer. It has enhanced bass which lets you enjoy sports, shows, and videos. You can set it just about anywhere in your room as you will be connecting wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices like MP3s, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

This soundbar will connect seamlessly with your Samsung TV. It goes easy on the wires so you won’t be dealing with wire clutter. What’s more, you can easily control this soundbar using a Samsung TV OneRemote through TV UI.

With the Samsung Audio Remote App, control is in the palm of your hand. You gain access to soundbar functions like media controls, power, and volume. Customization comes easy from the comfort of your couch.


  • Supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Samsung Audio App offers effortless soundbar control and customization
  • Wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere within range of the soundbar
  • Samsung TV OneRemote can control its functions


  • It only receives signals from Samsung TV remotes


There you have it; the best sound bars under $200. After researching the various designs on this list, we are happy that Samsung HW-M360 emerges as our best recommendation for under $200. It packs lots of exciting features that revolve around Bluetooth technology and excellent surround sound. The soundbar has a wireless subwoofer, an output of up to 200 watts, and Dolby plus DTS-2 surround sound support. It fulfills just about every spec we look for in a sound bar for the money.

You don’t have to go for the Samsung model if you don’t like the brand. We have four other models that still prove to be of incredible quality. The convenience of a soundbar cannot be understated. We hope your home entertainment goes a notch higher with one of these soundbars.

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  1. I bought a Bose for my LG OLED and was very disappointed. Took it back and got a Sony instead. Great sound quality! By the way, heard the Vizio at COSTCO recently and was very impressed for less than $200!

  2. Brilliant list of hand-picked soundbars. We all must agree that a high quality soundbar is not an option these days but more of a necessity if we aim to have an all round audio system in our house. Although the above options maybe popular for those hunting for a low cost soundbar, the likes of Bose, Denon and Nakamichi offer unmatched audio quality and connectivity options.

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