What is The System Volume Information Folder in Windows?

You probably had no idea what it was when you came across it, but there is a chance you've seen the System Volume Information Folder. You've left it alone since you feared that you might mess something up. It's time to get all those doubts out of ...

Top 5+ Best Download Manager For Windows

We download stuff daily. The internet is full of amazing stuff movies, books, Youtube videos, life advice, photo albums, songs and much more. A lot of these things is worthy of saving for a long term. If you are a guy like me who download GBs of ...

How to Open or Download The Torrent Files on Your Mac

What is a torrent? BitTorrent is a peer to peer (P2P) exchange protocol work on the principle of permanent exchange. In 2015, we estimate that between 50 and 80% of Internet data transfers are now using this protocol. We download several the same ...

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