Top 10 Best Free PDF Editor Softwares For Windows
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Top 10 Best Free PDF Editor Softwares For Windows

Editing and revising the contents of PDF is always on our top demand today. That’s why a wide range of software serving for this need are created, and we can easily find them in both free and paid version with different features in-built such as view, edit, change contents, add or delete information, and so on. In our list today, we introduce top 10, in our opinion, the best FREE PDF Editor for everyone. All of them are free and provide with a lot of potential function beyond itself as PDF Editor or Viewer. Let’s find down!

Top 10 Free PDF Editor Softwares

1. Wondershare PDF Editor

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Wondershare PDF Editor is definitely worthy using. Wondershare PDF Editor help you to edit PDF file easily, you can insert, remove text or imagines. Besides, you can change PDF format to other formats without any difficulty. This software provides you with management features to help you make your documents more clearly.


  • Great editing tools
  • High convert file quality
  • Provide management funtions
  • Support for converting PDF to Word

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2. AbiWord

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An award winning software we mention first is called “AbiWord”, the latest version 3.0.1. Although it is relative small, but it offers very fast way to access PDF file and perform its functions. You may find that it is similar to Microsoft Word. This one is should be given a try. Apart from its function as PDF viewer, it has outstanding features such as editing file quickly, easily and effectively, also checking spell of words. AbiWord has a tons of font option for our choice in accordance with our demand. A set of tools supporting us to edit PDF file such as showing markup. More importantly, it is completely free to use and download.


  • Plan and beautiful interface
  • Strong editing tool
  • Support all kinds of font options
  • Support a range of saving option types
  • Totally Free
  • Support many languages


  • Mouse wheel don’t work on AbiWord to scrolling documents.

3. Foxit Reader

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Foxit Reader is considered as a familiar name of users, especially for Windows’s users. It is a free software with many functions. Its basic function is known as PDF reader, but you also find it as a strong PDF file Editor that should give it a try. With using Foxit Reader, you can insert text, add information, as well as use the highlight or underline tools. In addition, PDF Printer are built in helping us to create PDF file more quickly, that feature is not supported by many other programs. We would have to say that Foxit Reader is now beyond its basic functions becoming one of the best PDF Editor available for us today.


  • Set up and operate in just a couple of clicks
  • Offering safe mode for viewing PDF
  • PDF Printer is built-in for users
  • Perfect interface
  • Totally Free


  • Don’t support to open and edit all types of PDF
  • Some adware in install process may angry you

4. Expert PDF Reader

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Another rival is Expert PDF Reader. As its name, Expert PDF Reader is really professional on providing us with many features on editing PDF file. Using it, you can have some unique features that others won’t have such as insert stamps or make your own signature in PDF file. One restriction of this is not support all kinds of PDF files and in order to edit file, you may some difficulty if having not any knowledge on handling it. Having said that, it is very tiny and fast software with no-charge to use and download. Why not give it a try?


  • Support to read most of PDF files
  • Simple interface
  • Support to save edited file in many formats
  • Totally Free


  • Limited edit tool
  • Difficulties on using editing tool

5. PDF Eraser

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PDF Eraser is considered as must-have software in your computer. It provides with excellent tools for viewing and editing PDF file. One prominent feature is that you can easily add or delete any information to or from your pdf file. It also support rotate function. Although it offers free, its no-charge version has some certain unwanted limitation. If you want to have full of advance feature, you should pay money to buy PRO version of PDF Eraser, which is approximately $30 for each. Having said that, if you just you it for basic tasks such as viewing file, it is worth to use.


  • Easily to add or delete any text
  • Customize PDF file
  • Support to rotate any PDF page
  • Easy to use
  • A ton of advance features


  • Watermark maybe added in pdf file with free versions

6. Inkscape

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Inkscape stands out from other editing pdf software thanks to its strong performance along with a range of feature, and totally free for using and downloading. Vector graphics are used on the way to edit PDF file. It provides basis tasks with full function of one PDF reader such as inserting or removing texts, adding more picture of images. Especially, you can find its portable version without any installing required.


  • Support to export to PNG format
  • Friendly inferface
  • Completely free to use
  • Do not take up much space for installing


  • Look familiar with others

7. PDFedit

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We name PDFedit in our top 10 because we find it is really good. You can use it as PDF reader along with its functions as PDF Editor. It supports user to detect exactly sections or words, phrase they want. Its tools help you to easily add texts and imagines inside PDF file, also delete any information. It also supports to save file in many types of format.


  • Do not take up much space for installing
  • Support for Linux as well
  • Can personalize its tools
  • Support to convert files
  • Provide with many advance features
  • Support to protect file with passwords


  • Several difficulties on using its tools

8. LibreOffice-Draw

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LibreOffice Draw is strong competitor of other software herein this article. It is built in all features of most of PDF Editing Software. It is totally free with simple way to use. In addition, it supports us to export or import file to another types. LibreOffice Draw are available for most of platforms nowadays such as Windows, linux… However, we should admit that its appearance is relatively boring and its menu option is hard to track and may lead to some confusion for use in any way.


  • Available for most of platforms
  • Provide import and export functions
  • Support to convert files
  • Provide with many advance features
  • Totally free


  • Boring interface
  • Its menu may cause confusion

9. Apache OpenOffice-Draw

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We should say that Apache OpenOffice Draw is on our top for its great job to be done. It is worth to use as not only PDF reader, but also PDF Editor. You can find a brunch of features in this such as insert or remove any text, customize your pdf pages and save them easily with different type of formats. Also, it supports us with export features. But it seems that the interface looks out-of-date without any attraction.


  • A wide range of features
  • Compatibility with different platforms
  • Basic charts can be easily created
  • Support to check spell


  • Out of date interface
  • Excel users are not welcomed for its functions

10. PDF-XChange Viewer

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One more free software introduced here is PDF-XChange Viewer. It is deemed to be must have software in your list. You can read and change information in PDF without any problems. You are provided with many advance tools to help with what you need. You can insert your comment to PDF file.


  • Attractive interface
  • Support configuration customization
  • A variety of features
  • Totally free


  • Don’t easily to use tools


You can find a variety of PDF Editing Software on the Internet, but Top 10 mentioned above is considered by many users based on its functions and effectiveness. Of course, you can purchase one PDF editing software for full of advance function, but in our opinion, Free Program can serve you with a lot of features. If you have any kind of software like this, Feel free to share with us or you also vote for your favorite PDF Editor Software.

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