How to Find People or Someone on Instagram

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular social networking websites to share photos and short videos with your friends, colleagues and family members. Instagram is mostly used by the celebrities to share the pictures of person life with their fans.

Whenever you make a new account on Instagram on your iPhone or Android device, Instagram will automatically search for all the Instagram accounts from your contacts list.However, you can search for different people such as friends, family or the popular celebrity account.

You can either search people by their username or the tag or the places where they have been. Moreover, you can also add your Facebook friends to the Instagram, follow them or can send direct messages to them. Here’s how you can find people on Instagram using the search.

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How to Find People on Instagram

1. Directly Search From The Instagram

This method is useful to find friends with the Instagram username. Open Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone, log in with your Instagram username and password. It will take you to the main screen of the Instagram, click on the Search button right next to the Camera button on the main page of Instagram.

find people on Instagram

This search tab will open the trending topics, and it will also show you some new friends or posts depending upon your previous likes and following history on the Instagram.

find people on Instagram

On the top, write down the keyword and it will open different tabs in the search menu. You can either search for the people, tags, and places on the Instagram. Write down the username of the person and it will be shown in the Search menu.

find people on Instagram

If you want to look for the person who has shared the photos with the certain hashtags, let look for the hashtags and it will be shown in the search history of your Instagram account.

find people on Instagram

2. Import Facebook Friends

Instagram will also let you import friends from the Facebook. From the main page of your Instagram account, click on your profile in the bottom right corner. Now, hit the Settings icon of your Instagram account. Here, you will see the option to import all the Facebook accounts to your Instagram. Click on it.

find people on Instagram

On the next page, follow different contacts one by one or click on Follow All button at the top of the settings page.

find people on Instagram

3. Import Friends From Contact List

Instagram can also import friends or family member’s contacts from the Address book on your iPhone. However, Instagram will need to have the permission to access the contacts in your Address book. Go to the Settings of your Instagram account, go to your Instagram profile and Tap on the Settings icon. Tap on Find Contacts. Now, it will show you a popup that will ask you to Allow Access to the contacts.

find people on Instagram

Now, click on the Follow button to follow a particular contact on Instagram.

find people on Instagram

That’s it. Cheers!

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