How to Show Battery Percentage on iOS iPhone iPad
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How to Show Battery Percentage on iOS iPhone iPad

The latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices are shockingly thin mobile phone which still manage to provide fairly great battery. Occasionally, you really need to know an exact the battery percentage in your iPhone's status bar but the iPhone ships with this function disabled by default. 

Fortunately, Apple provides a way to go to show the exact amount of battery life remaining along with the battery icon on your iPhone (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s or 6, 6 Plus). And so, here's way to enable it!

You also use this way to do the same on the iPad, and iPod touch.

How to show Battery Percentage on iOS devices

Open up the Settings application by go to your Home Screen (the default place), tap on the Settings icon on your iPhone.

For all that, if you don't see the Settings app, just pull your screen down and type "settings" >> Click on Settings icon from the results.

iOS 8

Then, tap on the General tab which will allow you establish a lot of functions, including the option to show Battery Percentage.

Now tap on the 'Usage' tab towards the top. This will show your battery usage, in addition to selection the amount of storage capacity your apps use, the amount of iCloud storage space you are using, and so on.

Scroll down until you view an option for 'Battery '.

Your battery percentage will currently be shown beside the battery indicator on top right of your iOS device's screen.

We walk you through the process in this steps iOS 8 guide for the iPhone 5 right below.


Display The Battery Percentage 1
Display The Battery Percentage 2
Display The Battery Percentage 3
Display The Battery Percentage 4

iOS 9

At Settings interface, scroll down until you see a option Battery. Then, tap on it.

Finally, just tap the On/Off toggle switch to the right of "Battery Percentage" to turn it on.

You can see the images tutorial below.

Display The Battery Percentage iOS 9 1
Display The Battery Percentage iOS 9 2
Display The Battery Percentage iOS 9 3

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