Top 5+ Free Programs and Online Services to Send Large Files

Sending large files through Emails have always been a problem, approximately every Email service has a limitation on the file size. For example; you can send maximum 25 MB file via Gmail, however, Outlook will only allow you to send a file of maximum 10 MB. That’s the reason that we have the cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and dedicated online services to send the larger files.

With the help of these online services and programs, you can send any file of any sizes. However, one of the most common problems associated with these online services and cloud services is that you will only get limited space to store the files and online services has a limitation on the file size.

If you want to send a large file, you will have to buy the premium services. The great part about these cloud services and online programs is that you can send approximately any type of file from images to music, videos to programs and compressed files.

Top 6 Free Programs and Online Services to Send Large Files of 2018

1. Dropbox

Free Large File Sharing

One of the most popular and oldest services to share and store files online is the Dropbox which provides 2GB for absolutely free of cost. You can’t only share the files with different people but can also share the folders with different persons using Email address. The free of cost thing provides 2GB free storage, moreover, you will also get free storage space with the referral plan. If you refer a friend and he/she joins the Dropbox, you will get free 500MB space without any cost. Moreover, the premium plans of the Dropbox will cost you around $9.99/month and provides 1TB storage data.

The best thing about this service is the amazing applications for the iOS devices, Android Phones, Windows OS and macOS. The applications are pretty much stable and can do beyond any other cloud service. The last thing about this great software is that whenever you will create an account on Dropbox, it will automatically create some new folders for you and you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up these folders.

2. Google Drive

Free Large File Sharing

Google Drive, the cloud based service provided by the giant search engine, Google provides much more space as compared to the other cloud based services such as Dropbox and One Drive. The free space provided by the Google Drive is 15 GB and here you can store all kinds of files without any problem. One of the pros of having Google Drive is that you will be able to use the amazing Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Power points and Google Photos and you will not have to create a new account. Gmail account will work perfectly with the Google Drive without any problem.

On the other side, the applications provided by the Google are not as matured as compared to the Dropbox. However, the amazing Google Photos will let you save unlimited photos on your account. Sharing a file is also pretty much simple, click on share and add the Email address of the recipient to share the file. Google Drive is deeply integrated with the Gmail, whenever, you will try to upload a large file on Gmail, it will ask you to upload it on the Google Drive to save the time and files will be sent instantly.

3. Mega

Free Large File Sharing

If you are a tech person, you might heard of the Kim Dotcom, the CEO and founder of the Mega upload. Mega is a new service started by the same person. The phone application provides great feature to automatically upload the photos from the camera roll to the cloud service. The amazing cloud based service is such great that even the free version has the 50 GB storage space. So, if you really want a lot of space and don’t want to pay any penny to send larger files, you should try this free service to store all kinds of files without any problem.

4. WeTransfer

Free Large File Sharing

WeTransfer is actually an amalgam of cloud service of free program which is actually great to send large files. The website has the great user interface, all you have to do is to actually add your Email address, add friend’s Email address, upload the file and add an extra message only if you want to. Hit the send button and you’re good to go.

The free version of the WeTransfer will allow you to send files of up to 2GB without any problem and the files will be saved only for the seven days. You can also get the download link for the file and paste it anywhere you want. So, if you are looking for a temporary solution to send large files, this should be your choice.

5. HighTail

Free Large File Sharing

HighTail is one of the oldest service to send large files focusing on the sending and receiving the files instead of just using the cloud service. The free plan of the HighTail doesn’t offer much but still the authenticity and length of the services offered by this company speaks for them. Apart from the online services, HighTail also has great applications for Android and Apple devices. You will be able to send larger files without any problem. That best part about HighTail is that it will not ruin the quality of the files.

6. Box

Free Large File Sharing

Box, like many other cloud service is a great service to store and share large files with your friends, family members and colleagues. The best part is that it has integration with most of the applications from the App Store and works in a great way. The free version of box provides 10GB storage and the maximum file size is 250MB. Box is mostly popular for its business plan which has no match and is used by some very popular organizations.

If you have ever found some other awesome websites or tools that enable you to send or share large files, let us know in the comment below.

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