Wondershare Dr.fone Review: The Most Interesting Things To Know

Wondershare Dr.fone is made for people like me – careless and neglectful. Why? Because this wonderful app can fix our mistake and faults. Have you ever deleted your essential data accidentally? What did you do to get it back? If you still haven’t any idea to get back your data, then you are in the right place.

I am a neglectful user who sometimes erases files wrongly and feel regretful right after that. However, even careful people accidentally delete their folders when they are trying to clean up for more space of their phones. Don’t worry too much because Wondershare Dr.fone is here to help you. Now, let’s see the Wondershare Dr.fone review and the most interesting things about it.

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What is Dr.fone?

Dr.fone is an app made and developed by Wondershare – one of the most reliable and renowned software corporation. This company often develops well-reviewed and great apps, and Dr.fone is not the exception. This wonderful app has been improving over four years (since 2015) and become the best data recovery app in 2019.

Dr.fone is a toolkit which allows users to restore deleted or lost data on smartphones. It also has some more features such as backing up, installing, uninstalling, transferring, and managing files.

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit
$97.96 139.95

Is Dr.fone a reliable software?

Wondershare Dr.fone

Wondershare Dr.fone

When it comes to an app, you need to clarify if it’s reliable or not. Dr.fone is not the exception, but we are sure that you don’t have to worry about this trusted app.

Dr.fone is certified by Norton and this is enough to make you feel rest assured. The developer also gives you seven days for free trial and you can have a test yourself. Dr.fone is virus and malware free. It cannot damage the files or data in your phone even if you try to restore some files that cannot be recoverable.

Now, let’s take a look at the main features of Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit
$97.96 139.95

Wondershare Dr.fone review – Main features

1. Recovery

Wondershare Dr.fone

Dr.fone allows you to preview files before restoring

With Dr.fone full version, you won’t never be worried if you accidentally delete your essential files and data. This software can restore data from smartphones and devices, memory cards, hard drives and even computers. It’s so amazing that the app is rated the highest in the industry. It is also compatible with all newest devices.

What kinds of data can we recover? Almost all the files you want: Videos, photos, contacts, messages, songs, notes, etc. The interface is friendly so that you can access easily and quickly. The process is also fast and simple. Is it enough for an app? No, it’s not. Dr.fone is able to do more than this.

2. Transferring and switching

Transferring and switching

Transferring and switching

Transferring data between iOS and Android devices and computers? Why not? It’s possible to do this job with Dr.fone as it allows you to copy or move files from one to another. You can either move files, photos, songs, or messages between two devices as long as you install Dr.fone on those devices.

The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to use iTunes to transfer iOS data as Dr.fone will do it for you. This app can help you export and import contacts, add or export files in your phone. It’s especially comfortable when you change from Android smartphones to iPhone as you can transfer all important files easily with Dr.fone.

4. Repairing

It sounds strange, doesn’t it? A software can check issues of Android or iOS system and you don’t have to bring your smartphones to store to get them fixed. However, this app can only repair common issues such as bugs or lags during the process and cannot improve the situation permanently.

Dr.fone repairing feature shows its immediate effect but sometimes, you feel nothing at all as if it hasn’t been fixed. Nevertheless, this feature is special and we also like it.

5. Unlocking



This feature will be highly effective when you suddenly forget your password or PIN code to open your devices. In general, you must get it fixed at store, but now you don’t need anymore with Dr.fone unlock feature.

This works for me every time but remember it’s just for emergency. We recommend that you should try your best to rewind the password as using Dr.fone to unlock device will cause several risks.

First, your data and files will be deleted. If you don’t have backup data, this is terrible. Second, for iPhone users, their devices will automatically update the latest iOS version and many users don’t like this. They often wait for the iOS version to be fully complete before updating it. Last, process will stop if the battery gets low, which makes you stuck in the middle.

Then, make sure and prepare carefully before you decide to unlock your devices with Dr.fone.

6. Social Apps Recovery

Social Apps Recovery

Social Apps Recovery

In this term, we can say Dr.fone does a good job as it allows users to restore, transfer, and backup messages and old attachments WhatsApp, Line, KIK and Viber. Sometimes, you just want to get rid of virtual society and remove all social apps. But then you will need them back again as they are useful things to connect and contact to each other.

In general, social apps data is lost when you uninstall the apps but with Dr.fone, you can regain the chat history, essential attachments and most necessary files. However, you cannot recover all the data as error happens sometimes.

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Full Toolkit
$97.96 139.95

Wondershare Dr.fone review – Pros and cons

With more than four years developing, Dr.fone of Wondershare has been doing a great job. There are pros and cons that we’ve found out while using this app. Let’s see the details below.


  • Dr.fone is compatible with all the newest smart devices in the market
  • It’s ranked the highest recovery rate in the racket
  • The interface and theme are simple and friendly to use
  • You can choose specific data and files to recover (not like other tools)
  • You can preview data in the app before restoring it
  • Your current data will not be overwritten when you restore old files
  • Dr.fone allows you to uninstall and remove pre-installed apps
  • Technical trouble will be supported by expert team via email for 24 hours every day


  • If you download free version, there are some certain files unable to delete. Purchase commercial version for full features
  • Some photos do not remain the original resolution when you recover them
  • There are dramatical difference of the price between the Dr.fone for iOS and Android system. Accordingly, Dr.fone in Android system has higher cost.

As you can see, there are many pros to use this wonderful app as a common program in your phone. However, pricing and file recovery limitation are carefully considered if you want to purchase this app.

In conclusion

Do you like Dr.fone? Which are your favorite features? Dr.fone has been developing every day to satisfy the demand of smartphone users all around the world. Above is our review of Dr.fone after we tested it for a long while. If you want to try, download the free version first and have a test before purchasing a commercial one. You have any difficulty with this app? Don’t hesitate to share it here!

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