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How To Manage Your Evernote Devices For Basic User

If you're a diehard Evernote user, take note (hehe - see what I did there). Evernote has announced some changes to their pricing structure that will definitely ...

Top 7 Commands For Siri When You Want To Use Siri on Mac

If you have updated your Mac to the latest macOS, you will find that your Mac now has Apple’s virtual assistant called Siri. This Siri used to be available ...

How To Use The Gmail App For All of Your Email Accounts

The Gmail app for Android has long been considered the best email app available. Period, bar none. So it was a big deal when Google finally allowed you to add ...

How to Organize Multiple Mailboxes in iOS (iPhone, iPad)

These days, it’s almost impossible to get by with just one email address. Most people have around four. One for personal use, for emailing friends and family; ...

The Top 10 Most Popular Sites With Best Free Stock Photos

Do you need the best free stock photos for your project? Where can you find them? Read this post and you will be able to download breathtaking photos from the ...

Top 10 Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

Protecting our computer, smart phone or tablet is always priority, but with an increasing number of kinds of viruses, spyware or other threats, it is alarmed ...

How to Turn Off Auto-Correct on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Auto-Correct is a great and nifty feature in both Android and iPhone as well as Windows 10 and macOS, but at times it becomes annoying. You type something on ...

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone, iPad

Admit it, iPhones and iPads have got great cameras that can point and shoot things in a crystal clear resolution. Any photo that is taken on an iPhone looks as ...

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive From ISO Files

Universal Serial Buses or USBs, in short, are flash storage media that are widely used for their quick speeds and portability. This technology has, ...

Storage Almost Full: How to Free Up Space on an iPhone

iPhone comes with a limited storage space, and if you are an active user like me who incessantly download data, watch videos, send and receive texts, read ...

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