Best Internet Browsers for iOS and Android devices
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Best Internet Browsers for iOS and Android devices

Ever since the introduction of first iPhone, Smartphones have really changed the way of people connect with each other. We can connect with all the people, surf internet on the go and perform daily tasks while we are on a bus or train. The main important aspect in a Smartphone or a laptop is a browser because this is the most powerful tool to know about the people and connect with them.

Natively, Apple has Safari and Android has got its own browser. Browsers on iOS and Android will do pretty much everything for you. But thanks to App store and Play store on Android devices, you can download plenty of third party browsers which will even work better than the native web browsers on these devices. Here’s our list of best browser for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Google Chrome:

Best Browsers for iOS and Android

One of the most popular web browser, introduced by the Giant search company, Google chrome doesn’t need any introduction. It works faster as compared to the web browser on Android devices and Safari on iOS device. It has every tiny functions that a mobile web browser should have. The best part is the sync function, reading an article on Google Chrome on your computer, it will automatically show in the Google Chrome on your iOS and Android devices.

Apart from the sync, another popular feature is the Auto-fill that will automatically fill most of the blanks on your computer. If you are not a big fan of the native voice assistant, Siri, you can use the voice assistant in Google which works efficiently than the Siri. Moreover, the best part is that if you are surfing internet on the Data Plan, it will automatically compress the data and will save your some bandwidth.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Best Browsers for iOS and Android 3

Probably one of the most stable, secure and faster web browser is also available for the iOS and Android devices. Just like Google Chrome, it will also sync most of the data with your devices automatically and you don’t need to press any button to do that thing for you. One Firefox account will control all these things across different devices such as Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and even Linux.

Just like Safari and other popular web browsers, you will also be able to pin some tab on the welcome screen of Mozilla Firefox on iOS and Android. You can also enjoy the private web browsing which will not track your browsing history, cookies and everything else. The best feature which is not present in Safari on Apple devices is the Request for the Desktop website. If you are not comfortable with the web page on your mobile device, you can always request for the full website.

  1. Apple Safari

Best Browsers for iOS and Android 1

Although there are hundreds of Web browsers available in the App Store but no one can actually beat the amazing features of native Apple web browser, Safari. It has been there ever since the introduction of the first iOS version and Apple has been improving it ever since. Just like many other web browsers, all of your browsing data will be automatically sync with your Smartphones and iPads. In the iOS8, Apple added an option to scan the credit card using the camera of your iPhone.

Now, you don’t have to write the credit card number in the iOS, you can simply scan it in the Safari. Apart from that, it is pretty much fast, secure as compared to most of other browsers. The only downside is that you don’t have a downloader with this web browser. With the new iOS 9, Apple has taken the integration to a whole new level, users will be able to share a web page anywhere from the Apple Safari.

Download Link: Built-in with iOS

  1. Opera Mini

Best Browsers for iOS and Android 4

With the iconic speed dials, Opera mini is one of the most popular web browsers for iOS and Android devices. It is probably one of the oldest web browser that was present on the Nokia phones and in the no time, the developers of Opera have been working really hard to make it the perfect. An amazing feature in Opera mini is the boost mode which will decrease the buffering time for different videos, so, you will be able to watch the videos without any problem.

Moreover, with the new technology in the latest version of the web browser, you can save a lot of data and the compression works in a great way. The user-interface of the Opera mini is also great. Another aesthetic feature in the Opera mini is the themes, yes, you can add different themes to the home page of Opera mini. Moreover, you don’t need to search for the news and all of them will be automatically available in the Discover tab of Opera mini. All in all, it is one great solution for every day web browsing.

  1. Maxthon

Best Browsers for iOS and Android 6

Maxthon doesn’t follow the old school technology, yet it is a modern web browser which runs completely on the cloud services. The central focus of Maxthon is the sync feature and there is no deny in the fact that it is the best sync feature among all Smartphones, Windows PC and even Mac OS X. Everything is synced in such a perfect way that you can work on one tab on laptop and can start from the exact same point on another device such as Android and iPhone.

Moreover, you can instantly send a photo with your friends and family members right from the web browser. The best part is that if you want to snap a portion of the Map and can instantly share them with your mobile device. Last but not the least feature is the cloud downloading, you can download the content directly on the cloud on your device use it on the go.

  1. Dolphin

Best Browsers for iOS and Android 5

Last but not the least in the list is one of the most diversified and amazing web browsing available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. Apart from the basic features such as syncing, private web browsing and voice search, it also have some different yet outstanding features. The best thing about the software is the clean interface and a perfect design for every user.

As compared to the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it is more stable and secure. You can add your favorite web pages right on the main screen of the web browser and can also select a theme from a ton of different themes available for Dolphin. Last and most distinguished feature is the gesture, for different web pages, you can save gestures. Upon drawing gestures, it will open the favorite websites in the fraction of seconds.

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