How to Add New Fonts to Photoshop on Windows

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editor software programs all over the world, used by PRO and beginners alike. Adding content or text to images and photos is a popular feature of the software, and it provides a wide variety of font styles as well as tapping into the “Fonts” file on the computer of your Windows or Mac. So, how to install fonts in Photoshop? This has been a popular problem among users and that is what we are going to help you here.

In this tutorial, OMG!HowTo will show you how to add fonts to photoshop on Windows or Mac. Photoshop works with same fonts which are installed on your OS. Consequently, there is no need to install fonts separately in photoshop. Just install fonts on your OS and use them in Photoshop program. Let discover how to install fonts.

Add New Fonts to Photoshop

How to add new fonts to Photoshop

Step 1: First, let find and download a font which you want to use. You can see a lot of websites that get free font. In this article, we would be using and download “Gabrielle” as the test font.

Add New Fonts to Photoshop

Step 2: Click Download button on the right the Font which you need. Then, the new font file with format (.zip or .rar ) will be downloaded on your hard drive. In this tutorial, using Google Chrome browser and when the file was downloaded. It’s will be saved to Download folder.

install font on photoshop

To open Download folder, click on the Arrows icon and click Open.

install font on photoshop

If you are using difference browser, let find your file in a different folder which preferred at your Settings browser.

Step 3: Now, let unzip the font file by Right-Click on it and choose Extract Here or Extract to {Name folder}. The font is going to unzip to Folder named “Gabrielle”.

install font on photoshop

Step 4: Let open the folder unzipped. Here you will see a font file with format .ttf file which is exactly what we use.

install font on photoshop

To install the font in Windows, let Right-Click this file and click Install.

See more ways to install fonts in Windows, Click here.

To install the font in Mac, let Double-Click this file and click Install.

See more ways to install fonts in Mac, Click here.

Step 5: Finally, you can find and use this font in Photoshop program.

how to Add New Fonts to Photoshop

Let open Photoshop. Now to find quickly, either open up the character panel or select the horizontal select tool (Shortcut by Press Shift + T until you see it). You could find your installed font there.

install font on photoshop

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See the video tutorial: Add fonts to Photoshop

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