How To Check The Amount of Free Space Available on Mac

If you’re worried that how much free space is available on your Mac’s hard disk, especially, the startup disk? Checking on MacOS is simple. Moreover, macOS makes it easy to know how much space that you have left and which types of files are running out of space on your Mac.

Your startup disk should always have some free space available – ideally 10% of the startup disk. If the startup disk gets too small, you will see a warning:

check the amount of free space available on macOS

Your Startup Disk is almost Full
Make more space available on your startup disk, deleting some files

Here’s guide on how to check the amount of free space available on macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Maverick and older.

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Checking Available Hard Drive Space on Mac OS Sierra

Step 1: Click on Apple icon and select the About This Mac option.

check the amount of free space available on macOS

Step 3: Then, click on the Storage tab.

check the amount of free space available on macOS

I’ve got 250GB of storage, 16.89 of Other, 6.12 GB of free space and 5.27 MB of Apps

What’s the Other?“Other” contains all OS X system owned files and something not in all the differently named locations. Your MacOS and your individual account require some of that, do not trash it.

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Checking Available Hard Drive Space on OS X Maverick or Earlier

Step 1: Click on Apple menu, select About This Mac option.

about this mac mavericks 0

The new window appears immediately. Select More Info… button.

about this mac mavericks 1

Step 2: Click on the Storage tab.

about this mac mavericks 2

You can see the space of Movies, Music, Applications, Other files, as well as how much free space available you have on your Mac.

If you are taking care of your Mac’s flash drive is important. To keep everything in good working order, check out this helpful guide: How to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac

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