How to create zip a file, make compress .zip file
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How to create zip a file, make compress .zip file

The files or folders which are usually compressed using the Compressed Folders feature on Windows. It can help you save the space of hard disk and could be moved to many other computer or laptops faster.

You can create zip many files with each other to make a single compressed file. Zipping files can help you increase free storage space, send files faster online, and attach some file types (such as .exe, .jpg, .png, .docx, ...) to webmails: Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail,...

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How to Create a Zip File

Mac OS X

Select the file, folder which you want to make .zip. Click Compress in the Menu drop-down.

how to zip a file

Then, one new compressed file appears with default name “”. You can change its name if you want, let select it >> Hit Return >> Set new name >> Hit Return again.

Note: When you change the new name, let keep .zip extension at the end of the name.

To unzip, just double click on the .zip files which you want. Then, Mac will extract the .zip file automatically and make the new folder with the same name archive.

On Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Using The Program Default

Let select the file or folder you want to compress.

Then, right-click on them and select Send To. At the side right and click the Compressed (zipped) Folder.

how to zip a file

Now, you can see an icon (it has a zipper on the folder) with the same name with a .zip extension at the end of it.

Just rename the zip file if you'd like by either clicking on it >> Hit F2 on keyboard or also can right-click on it and select the Rename option. This is the compressed file which you can use it to put on the server or send an email to your friend.

To unzip, just double click on it. A new window will appear, click Extract All from top Menu.

Using The 7zip program

The first, you need to install 7zip on your device.


how to zip a file

Then, wheever you need to create a .zip file. Just right-click on the file and select the Add to archive option.

A new window appears, you can set place where save .zip file, set name, the password,... See the image below.

how to zip a file

To unzip, just right-click on it. Select the 7-zip from menu >> Extract here.

Using Winrar program

If you installed WinRAR software on your Windows, select all of files or folder you want to make .zip. Then, Right-Click on it and choose “Add to Archive...”.

how to zip a file

Then, the Winrar program window appears, make sure you choose the ZIP at the Archive format.

Finally, Click OK button and a .zip file will be created in the same folder or location.

Ubuntu, Linux

If you are using Ubuntu on your Laptop, Click here to see the guide for zipping or unziping the files on Ubuntu.



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