How to open .rar files on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu
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How to open .rar files on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu

The zip files can possibly be natively launched on almost every Operating System (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu,...) without any third-party programs, but, the .rar files need. There are some software or application on the Internet that can help you open the .rar files on your PC.

The 7-zip is the best software for opening the .rar files on Windows as well as Ubuntu, but you can use it for macOS. The 7-zip is an open-source program, of course, it's totally no fee for using.

What is a .rar file?

open rar

RAR is the original format of WinRAR archiver which similar to other archives. They store one or a variety of files in the compressed form. When you downloaded the RAR file from the Web, you have to extract its files if you want to use it.

Some RAR files can be parts of multi-volume sequences. In WinRAR, you can split a big archive to a several smaller sized files, which are referred to as volumes. They can have extensions .rar (the first volume) .part1.rar, .part2.rar, ..., etc.

Whenever you need to join the split parts back together again, just move all the files that have an extension (.part1.rar, .part2.rar, ..., etc.) on the same folder. Then, just right-click on the first file (.part1.rar) and select Extract from the drop-down menu.

How to open the .rar files on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu

On Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

The first, you need to download and install 7-zip software via this link. You can see more detail for installing this software from here.

To extract any the .rar file, you can right-click on it and just select the Extract files from the menu.


open .rar

You also can view all contents of the .rar file by clicking on the .rar file that you want. Or right-click on it and select Open option.

On macOS

In macOS, there are not as many free applications as on the Windows, but you still some application that you can use The Unarchiver app which has supported more archive files (.rar, .zip, 7z, gz,...).


open .rar

When you have installed it on your Mac, you can easily extract the .rar files. Just click on it and select the Extract button. There also are some other apps that you can use for compressing and uncompressing the .rar files like B1 Free Archiver, Keka,...

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On Ubuntu

The 7-zip is also one of best compress and uncompress applications for Ubuntu.

Click here to see the guide for installing the 7-zip app on Ubuntu.

open .rar

That's all. If you know any other methods to open the .rar files on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. Let us know about in the comment below.

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