How to Right Click on MacBook Pro (Mouse or Trackpad)
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How to Right Click on MacBook Pro (Mouse or Trackpad)

Computers are machines with unlimited capabilities. To harness and use the features and power of the computer, peripheral devices are used. The mouse is one of the most important devices used to give input to your computer. There is no difference in giving inputs and taking outputs in Mac and Windows. But when it comes to the dynamics of how to give input using mouse, Windows and Mac are different. Apple’s decision to move forward with a single button mouse resulted in a lot of confusion. People still ask how to click right on a Mac, especially those users who switch to Mac from Windows are simply clueless. This is because getting context menus, other options, detailed options, and opening system details is done by using the right click button.

What if there is no right click button as it is on Mac? If you are looking to know how to right click on Mac, you are at the right place. The good news for you is that there are several ways using which you can right click on you Mac. You can get all the options and features which are imbibed using a right click button. Let’s get started.

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Using Two Fingers on Trackpad

If you are using the trackpad on your Mac, then you can right click by using the two fingers to click.

If that is not configured on your computer, just head over to the System Preferences on your Mac by clicking the Apple Icon from the left side of your screen.

ho to right click on mac 1

System Preferences

ho to right click on mac 2


You will see the Trackpad section, click on it and then go to the Trackpad preferences section.

ho to right click on mac 3

Click and enable the “Click or enable with two fingers”.

Right Clicking On Trackpad: The Easy Way

The above option may seem a bit sloppy for many users because using both fingers and changing the preferences of your system might make things difficult for you in your computer. Perhaps the best way to right click on Mac is to use the feature in which you just have to click on the corner of the trackpad.

In order to enable that, just head over to the System Preferences of your Mac and there will be an option “Click in bottom right corner” or “Click in bottom left corner”. You can select any one of these two options to enable right click on Mac.

ho to right click on mac 5

After enabling the above option, when you click on the bottom left or right corner of your Trackpad, you will be able to see the options for the right click button.

Right Clicking in Latest Mac Devices

If you are using the latest MacBook and MacBook pro versions, you can use the “Taptic feedback” features to right click. This feedback or input method is based on the pressure and intensity of the mouse click. How?

ho to right click on mac 4

Tap the pad with some pressure in the center and you will see the contextual menu of the right click. But this option may not be available on many Macs.

You can learn about the Force Touch trackpad via the link from Apple.

Right Clicking on Apple Mouse

If you are using a magic mouse with your Apple’s Mac device, you may be wondering how to right click on Apple mouse as there are no left or right buttons, and there is only one button. Well, in order to right click on Apple mouse, the option is pretty smooth. You just have to click on the right direction of the button. So just click on the right side of the button and the system will immediately show you the menu of the right click button.

This is because the Apple hardware is programmed to take the input based on the left or right side. The same is the case with the trackpad as we saw above. But if you do not see the right-click menu when you click on the right side of the mouse button, you will have to go the System Preferences mouse section to configure that.

ho to right click on mac 6

This was how to right click on a Mac. You can use any one of the options above according to your choice and device details. In case you are still unable to get the job done, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you with another solution.


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