How To Uninstall The Apps On Mac OS X
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How To Uninstall The Apps On Mac OS X

Some of the numerous useful features of the Mac system is how quick it is to install and delete apps. This article is the simple guide for Uninstall Apps on OS X including Macbook Pro, Mac Pro Retina, iMac or Any Hackintosh System.

To install: Download and install an app from the App Store or from a developer and it's immediately dropped into your Applications folder and available to use. On Windows OS, you can easy uninstall Apps or all software working with Control Panel but in Apple Mac System the way is a little bit different that is really the simplest methods if you compare with Windows OS.

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There are commonly two methods to Uninstall Apps on Mac system

Drag & Drop To Trash

Steps 1: Open the Finder >> Choose the Applications folder

Step 2: Choose the App that you need to Uninstall.

Step 3: Drag & Drop the Application to Trash or you also right-click on the Application >> Choose Move to Trash.

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Drag & Drop the App to Trash

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Right-Click on the App >> Choose Move to Trash

This is the easiest method to Uninstall Apps on Mac system, but this is not recommended the apps on your Mac as there are certainly many particular kinds of the folder which contain all right stuff essential to make the apps work. And when you install any App on OS X, it also will make a little entry in Library folder.

Drag and drop application provides an easy way to install apps, however, this way of removing apps by drag them to the Trash still keeps a tangle of small files advocated your Mac's hard disk.

Using 3rd Party App

How do you remove the extra files unwanted when you get rid of an app? You could start using 3rd Party Application such as FreeMacSoft's AppCleaner or CleanMyMac; this is my favorite way to Uninstall Apps on Mac.

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Using the AppsCleaner to uninstall the app

Step 1: Download and install it first and open AppCleaner from Applications folder.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the application which you want to uninstall in the AppCleaner window.

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Step 3: Click on Remove to Uninstall App completely.

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AppCleaner's drag and drop way of removing apps is quick and easy, but the app also provides an even simpler way to remove apps: SmartDelete.

To enable SmartDelete feature:

Step 1: Open AppCleaner.

Step 2: Launch the AppCleaner Menu from the menu bar and select Preferences.

Step 3: Click on the tab that has SmartDelete and turns the switch to on.

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Once you've accomplished, this you can exit the AppCleaner.

Using the CleanMyMac to uninstall the app

Step 1: Download and install it and open CleanMyMac from Application folder.

Step 2: Click on the Uninstaller from the left side of CleanMyMac window.

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Step 3: Choose the app which you want to uninstall and make sure to check Complete Uninstallation and click on Uninstall, this will uninstall your wanted app.

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