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Best NTFS Apps For Mac – Write to NTFS Drives on a Mac

NTFS stands for New Technology File System designed by Microsoft. Some of the modern features of NTFS include: setting access rights for files, recording data ...

AppCleaner vs. CleanMyMac X: Which Is The Best For Mac

So many apps, and so little time! If, like me, you constantly come across apps you think will come in handy then end up not using them, you soon discover it’s ...

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Setapp Review 2020: The Best Mac Apps At One Place

While the research of Jo Mackiewicz from the Illinois Institute of Technology makes some sense that "in 80% of the tested cases, there is a bias toward 4 or 5 ...

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CleanMyMac X Review: The Best Mac Cleaner [Updated 2020]

Does an average Mac user even need an anti-malware software? Does a Mac require daily maintenance? Especially when one of the key selling points of a Mac, in ...

MobiKin Assistant for Android Review: Pros and Cons

Interested in the MobiKin Assistant for Android? You might be a person who thinks highly of Android data management and transfer, which is the excellent habit ...

Free Up Space for macOS Big Sur with CleanMyMac X

Has the upcoming release of the new Big Sur Mac update got you tingling with anticipation? Big Sur is bringing a new look and important features to your Mac - ...

Troubleshooting SD Card Memory Card Problems on Macbook

SD memory cards are used by digital cameras to store thousands of images and hours of video footage. But such cards are not immune to problems in Mac like ...

Screenflow Review: Top 5 reasons why Screenflow is Great

Screenflow is a software for recording your screen and also video editing. The software has been developed for Mac and not Windows. So, if you are a Windows ...

The 31+ Best Productivity Apps to Organize Your Life

When starting a project, everybody usually cares about the way to operate the work effectively. In most cases, many jobs have applied high-tech tools for their ...

Best Garageband Plugins to Enhance the Experience

If you are the type who is interested in composing music or different kinds of podcasts, then Garageband is the perfect app to suit your needs. Developed by ...

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  1. Absolutely! If you are using Setapp, you can easily get this app on your Mac. See more:

  2. I think you should try to use CleanMyMac X, I have been using it for a year. CleanMyMac 3 is an old one.

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  4. It works great on the popular web browsers.

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  17. It’s glad to hear that. About PDF to Excel tool, I will have a new topic soon.

  18. You’re welcome! Wondershare PDFelement Pro is my favorite software for Windows 10.

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  21. Wondershare PDFelement 7 Pro is my recommended tool.

  22. Hi Pete, thanks for leaving the comment.

  23. There is no way to undo the commands, however you can save it first and edit it correctly then.

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  25. I have been using CleanMyMac for 2 years, it’s really a good app for me.

  26. Thank for your suggestion about WFdownloader app.

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  31. With a trial version, you can do some simple things or adding a watermark to your PDF files from using a powerful function. However, if it really helps you for your work or your study, I think you should buy it one time for using forever.

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  39. Hi,

    If you don’t wish to be involved with Setapp you could just purchase the individual applications and use them not looking back to Setapp. I guess, the concern might be in using the digital ways to collect your memories in general as the individual versions might be closed as well – I never know!

    Still, the apps like Journey and MacGourmet Deluxe provide wonderful opportunities that cannot be ensured by using the simple notebook to write down your thoughts and recipes. And this is where Setapp comes in handy – you receive the whole bunch of apps stored, updated and curated altogether.

  40. Hi, I will create a new article for your problem soon.

  41. Thank for your sharing! I love CleanMyMac X and this one help me a lot to boost my Mac’s Performance. You guys can check this review which I have recently updated here:

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  45. Macpaw has recently introduced a new thing to CleanMyMac X, called Space Lens. Let check it!

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