Top 10 Best Photo Storage and Sharing Websites
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Top 10 Best Photo Storage and Sharing Websites

You wish to share your memorable pictures of your life to others? Do You want to send your best photos to your families, friends? Regardless of the distance of space and time, people, nowadays, can easily share its photos, videos, files or anything to others via the internet. We can find tons of websites or open sources to help us to upload photos and share links or explicit photos. However, it should be noticed that not all of them are free, and some of them have limits on their services.

In this article, we shall list down top 10 best photo sharing sites available for you guys to do this, you can make some comparison with those sites and chose one of them as your preference, then do not forget to share with us your moment! Now, let's discover!

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Top 10 photo sharing sites which you should know

1. Photobucket


We would list it in the number 1 among those best photo sharing sites today because beyond its services as sharing photo; it serves us with excellent editing services, which it not provided by other sites we find on the Internet. With basic editing tools, you can edit your photo before sharing to others in order make the best of pictures. With 2GB free space of storage is provided, it is sufficient for some to use, in addition to this, you are provided with more 8GB space if download and installing its app. In case you wish to obtain more storage to upload and share your photos, you have to pay for developers approximately $3 per 30 days using (1 month) with 20GB space of the store, or nearly $40 per month with 500 GB.

One of its advantages is that viewers, who have not any Photobucket account, can easily view, save photos. So any person in this world possibly sees your photos. What is more? If you are using Photobucket apps on your desktop computer or smart devices, your photos will be automatically updated. Last but not least, you can set your password to protect your photos, your album created in Photobucket.

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  • It supports to sync your photo automatically
  • View without any accounts
  • Sharing photos easily to networking sites
  • Set password to protect your photos


  • 2GB free space for storage seems modest to many

2. Facebook


Wow, it is familiar to us nowadays, right? Besides its functions as social networking sites, we would like to make it on this list as one of the best photo sharing sites. Like all of you, we have a Facebook account, and we believe that all of you have at least one time to upload and share your photos on the Facebook, or via inbox? So today, we will discover more than that. What is best of Facebook to share photos?

If you are devoted Facebook users and naturally want to share your photo with friends and families members than storing photos, Facebook should be the first choice. With unlimited photos are permitted to upload to Facebook, you can quickly bring all that you have to Facebook. However, when you make a photo album, 200 photos is limited to you per album, but it seems not a matter, right? Facebook also allows you to tag any friend that have an account on Facebook to your photos.

The different one from Photobucket above is that you must have an account if you want to view any photo on Facebook. Also, it is should be noticed that your photo quality may be reduced in the process of upload in Facebook, so it is not surprising when you find that your photos not best like its original.

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  • Completely free
  • Unlimited photos to upload
  • Sharing and tag supports


  • Photo quality is downsized
  • Must have account to view photos

3. Flickr


If having large photos to share and finding difficulties to upload and sharing, Flickr is an excellent solution. With a free account of Flickr, you are granted 1TB Free for upload and share, it means that you can have more than 2 million photos within one account), it is amazing, right? Especially, your uploaded photos shall not be downsized in any way, your high-quality photos will be remain, so do not worry about a resolution of any photo. Besides, you can upload a video of 3 mins long to Flickr. Its drawback with the free account is that many ads surround may make you uncomfortable, but when you pay for using an advance account, nearly $50 for one-year using and no ads disrupt you.

What is more? You also find Flickr apps and set up on your devices, so you can easily upload and sharing your photos from your mobile phone.

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  • The best for large photos
  • Upload without any downsized photo
  • Sharing and tag supports
  • Easily upload photos from smartphones


  • Many ads when using free account

4. Picasaweb


Another familiar name here is Picasaweb. 1 GB free is provided for us to store our photos, but if you need more, $2.5 must be pay to have additional space. Like Photobucket, you will find basic tools for editing your photos, just basic editing features! Also, Picasaweb supports us to make a choice on photo upload from computer or phones. One bad thing here is its privacy. Since Picasaweb has a close relationship with Google+ nowadays, then you may find not be protected if sharing the photo online through Picasaweb.

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  • Free account is provided
  • Support basic editing tools
  • Easily upload photos from computers or phones


  • Lack of privacy

5. Yogile


It seems not strange to some people, but this is a new photo sharing sites on the Internet. You will have 100 MB free space for storage, and unlimited spaces and photos if paying nearly $55 for a year of using. It should not forget that your photos with free account shall be deleted after 14 days from the date of uploading. It is one of the bad point of this sites that we find so far.

Having said that it is one the best photo sharing sites, especially for one who want to make an album without sign up or register an account. Also, viewers without an account can easily access and view your photos. Download feature also is a great point of Yogile. Besides that, you can protect your photos by adding passwords to each photo or your album as a whole.

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  • Password to protect photos
  • Quickly using
  • Easily upload photos from computers or phones.
  • Access without account


  • Limited free space
  • Photos shall be deleted in the short time of uploading

6. SmugMug


Firstly, you should aware be that you have to pay to use this site since there is no free account to use it. However, do not worry, it is a reputable photo sharing site with not too much money. Unlimited photo space for using with just $5 per month or one year using with $40. What do you think? Besides, if you want to upload a video with HD, you pay more bit.

As we said above, although you must pay to use SmugMug, we should admit that it has great features apart from sharing photo sites. You will be provided with an incredible range of tools for editing photos that may be basic and simple but powerful for us. It is not exaggerating to say that it can fix a bulk of common photo problems. Therefore, if your budget is okay, then SmugMug should be given a try.

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  • Support editing tools
  • Sharing and upload easily
  • Unlimited storage for paying use


  • Have to pay to use

7. Shutterfly


We have Shutterfly here in top 10. The best thing is you are given free–of–charge using and unlimited photos. Also, you can upload them videos. Therefore, if you are kind of person that want to help privately sharing photos, Shutterfly is more than great because you have not to do anything to protect your photo, your album and photos are default in privacy. As a result, if you have not an account of Shutterfly, you cannot view, download any photo from this sites.

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  • Totally free
  • Sharing and upload easily
  • High protection


  • Sign up for view and download

8. Google+ Photos

Google Photos

We should not forget “Google+ Photos” which are known as the best slideshows making. It is especially that Google services always have great advantages for us to use without any money. Totally free for unlimited photos storages is what you can have from Google+ Photos, also, with Google Drive, we can store not only photos but also videos with the limitation of 15GB. However, remember that your photos can be downsized for its proper sharing functions.

What’s more? Photos will be automatically sync from computers and smartphone devices. Also, you have not to sign up an account to view photos. 

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  • Free for sufficient using
  • Sharing and upload easily
  • No need account to view


  • Photo can be reduced its quality

9. Zenfolio


Zenfolio is not free sites for sharing photos. It is suitable for professional users. You have to pay $30 to get 20GB of space for one year. Zenfolio does not limit your photo size to upload. We would have to say that it is beyond sharing photo site; it more seems like portfolios with wonderful photos. You can make a slideshow with your photos, adding music background and sharing to others easily. You do not need an account to view photos and slideshow on Zenfolio. Also, a password for photos and album can be set for your privacy.

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  • Can set up password
  • Sharing and upload easily
  • Create slideshow with music background support


  • Not free

10. ThisLife


Last but not least in our top 10 today is sites. This photo site is famous for its intelligent organization for finding quickly photos and video in different sources. It means that this site will help you to collect photos from your phones, laptop, and assist in importing them to your social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or sites like that.

This site provides you with 2.500 free photos, if you need more, pay is a must. You will no need an account to view the photo on 

Go to Official Website


  • Free space was given
  • Collecting photos
  • Sharing easily


  • Password protection is not provided


What do you think of discovering overall out top 10 best photo sharing sites? Well, do not forget to share your best moment and best shoots via those above sites! We believe that you will find more than aforesaid. If having any question, let’s comment in the section below.

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    • Meenakshi


      19 September 2016 at 07:42 | #

      SmugMug is the best solution as it has RAW support. Although, I'm not using SmugVault but, I haven’t had any issues uploading any RAW format so far with them. Thanks to Mambo.


      • Kevin Lynes

        Kevin Lynes

        10 October 2016 at 21:51 | #

        SmugMug doesn't support raw files


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      04 October 2016 at 03:24 | #

      Really helpful. Thanks a lot.


    • J


      28 October 2016 at 01:35 | #

      Smugmug has a free version.


    • EvenNote


      04 November 2016 at 08:13 | #

      Photobucket has been having technical issues for some time and is, in fact, down right now.

      Also, you REALLY need a copy editor. Are you a non-native English speaker?


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