You wish to share your memorable pictures of your life to others? Do you want to send your best photos to your families, friends? Regardless of the distance of space and time. People, nowadays, can easily share their photos, videos, files or anything to others via the Internet. At first glance, you can easily find tons of applications or websites online on the Internet, which help you to upload photos, share links, or make even them into books. However, all of them are free, and some of them have limits on their services.

To find out which photo sharing services offer the best bang for your buck, we tested and listed down top 10 best photos and sharing sites available, which you can make some comparison with those sites and choose one of them as your preference. Now, let’s discover!

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What to Look For in The Best Photo Storage and Sharing Sites

  • Access: Easy for finding the photos by date, by tags or by other ways and you have remote access to your photos on the web or mobile app, no matter where you are.
  • Space: A good photo sharing service has enough storage to keep tons of your photos over the years at low cost.
  • Security: You will upload your images on display for the public, so you need protection without getting any copyright issues in the future. Choose the photo sharing service that offers you to set who can access to view the images or set the password on individual albums.
  • Use: Easy to be able to upload, edit the photos across multiple devices
  • Shareability: Allow you to upload pictures and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Top 5+ Best Online Storage and Sharing Sites for Photos

1. Facebook


Cost: Free.

best photo storage and sharing sites

Wow, it is familiar to us nowadays, right? Besides its functions as social networking sites, we would like to make it on this list as one of the best photo sharing sites. Like all of you, we have a Facebook account, and we believe that all of you have at least one time to upload and share your photos on the Facebook? So today, we will discover more than that. What is best of Facebook to share photos?

If you are devoted Facebook users and naturally want to share your photo with friends and families members than storing photos, Facebook should be the first choice. With unlimited photos are permitted to upload to Facebook, you can quickly bring all that you have to Facebook.

However, when you make a photo album, 200 photos is limited to you in each one, but it seems not matter, right? Facebook also allows you to tag any friend that have an account on Facebook to your photos. Your photo quality may be reduced in the process of upload on Facebook, so it is not surprising when you find that your photos not best like its original.


  • Completely free
  • Unlimited photos to upload
  • Sharing and tag supports
  • Support upload photos and video from Instagram, Color, etc.


  • Photo quality is downsized
  • Privacy controls don’t allow for customization
  • Only upload 200 photos in each album

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