iPhone Storage FULL? How to Free Up Space on iPhone
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iPhone Storage FULL? How to Free Up Space on iPhone

iPhone come with a limited storage space, and if you are an active user like me who incessantly download data, watch videos, send and receive texts, read documents and use WhatsApp, this space appears to get depleted very soon. There are ways to get more iPhone space using iCloud or device upgradations but those options call for a price. Fortunately, there are some easy ways using which you can free up space in iPhone. You will not have to lose a single penny. You can increase space in iPhone by getting rid of extra baggage that keeps piling up behind the scenes without your consent and knowledge. This article illustrates different ways to free up space in iPhone.

Documents and Data section in your iPhone is perhaps the biggest culprit behind your dwindling space in iPhone. Documents and data is a combination of cache, byte files, hash, indexes and binary files which keep piling up as you use your iPhone for different purposes. Memory hogs like app data, cache files and data variables are storied in Documents and Data section and your iPhone space keeps getting occupied. There are multiple areas from where you can delete unnecessary data and files to free up space. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

9 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on iPhone

1. Deleting Data From Safari

If you use Safari, you should know that it is a memory eater and saves cache files and cookies. Here’s how to get rid of them to get more space.

Launch ‘Settings’ in your iPhone.

Tap on ‘Safari’ icon.

Tap on Clear History and Website Data to remove data and free up space.

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You also check more: Way to delete browsing history on Safari for Mac, iOS

2. Deleting iMessages, SMS Data

iMessage data, SMS messages can occupy a lot of space in iPhone. When you delete messages in iPhone, they are not wiped off at once rather they go in ‘Other’ and Documents and Data folders. iMessage app cache is also responsible for eating the memory.

You can delete all the messages data by using a third party service called iBackupbot.

You can Download it and Install it in your Windows PC or Mac.

Take a backup of your iPhone using iTunes in your PC or Mac.

Now open iBackupbot and go to System Files > Mediadomain > Library > SMS > Attachments.

You will find many files and folders in this attachments section. Delete all the files and folders because these are cache and app data items which you do not need.

3. Deleting Email Data

Email cache data is also an important factor in your low iPhone space. Here’s how to delete unnecessary email data.

Launch the ‘Settings’ app in your iPhone and open Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Tap on your email account.

Tap on Delete Account and then ‘Confirm’.

You can now add a new account by tapping ‘Add New option’. Don’t worry, you can add the account you just removed. Deleting the account removes all the email data and frees up space.

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4. Deleting Documents

Documents in your iPhone storage takes up a lot of space. You can free up space by deleting documents in the iCloud storage section of your iPhone. Here’s how to do this.

Launch Settings in iPhone and go to the iCloud section.

Tap ‘Storage & Backup’.

Tap ‘Manage Storage’.

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Here you will see a folder called ‘Documents and Data’ folder.

From the list, tap on each app and you will see an ‘Edit’ button on the top left corner. Tap it.

Now tap ‘Delete All’ and keep removing documents and all the files in order to free up space in iPhone.

5. Deleting Voicemail

Voicemail is a cardinal part of Documents and Data in iPhone and if you are a frequent user of voicemail, this must be a factor behind your low space. You should delete voice mail to free up space. Here’s how to do it.

Open the Phone app in your iPhone.

From the menu just tap the Voicemail button, scroll down and tap the ‘Delete’ button.

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Tap ‘Clear All’ option and all the voice mail data will be removed.

6. Deleting Unwanted Music

If you are really music fan, the music on your iPhone likewise gets much space. Undoubtedly so. And this is also a good idea to get more space by deleting the music from your iPhone. Here we provide you a few methods to delete music on your iPhone. 

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To delete a particular music:

Go to Music app >> Tap on My Music >> Scroll and find the song name you need to delete >> Swipe to left >> Tap on Delete button to delete the chosen song.

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7. Deleting Unwanted Apps

This is a clear and uncomplicated way to start. The advantage of deleting several applications is that you could easily free up as much as 400MB with little attempt.

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To delete an app on your Phone, you can check the guide that is fully described in this article.

8. Switch off Photo Stream

If you get Photo Stream activated, you will certainly see pictures you have taken on an iPhone or iPad. If you really need to get more space then switch off Photo Stream.

Go to Settings >> Tap on Photos & Camera >> Switch My Photo Stream off. This will certainly delete your Photo Stream on your device.

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9. Free Up Space Using App

You can also use a great software for Mac called PhoneExpander to free up space in iPhone. It allows you to clear temporary files, remove apps and clear photos.

Just download this software in your Mac attach your iPhone with it and it will show you the interface to delete all the files.


This is how to free up space in iPhone. If you have any question, confusion or feedback regarding this article, feel free to comment on this post and we will get back to you.

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